Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 2 in Lake Pacid

10 solid hours of sleep!  Much needed.... had a great dinner with John and Maureen and early to bed.  Woke up feeling good...whipped up some GF pancakes in our tiny kitchen and topped with my new favorite - I thought I bought plain butter but this instead and love it!

Decided to ride the run course today since running 13 miles is a bit much... all you hear about IM Lake Placid is how hilly the bike is...hello, how about the run. Yes- definitely not a PR kind of course.   Wow... the climb back to town is a steep one and I can only imagine how that feels at mile 25.  Let's see...find the positive- I run a lot of hills!! Okay done- I am ready holy cow I should have run more hills, parked my car at the top of a steep hill and done all my runs from there....

The scenery is beautiful and we run by the Olympic ski jump- which is very cool!   And very steep and high and scary to think about.  I have a feeling the run is lonely....we go out a lonely country road and turn around and run back....the in and out of town suffering up the hill that looks a little phallic on the garmin profile will be awesome.  See something to smile about as I run up the hills. 

Did a nice run today and the town is hopping with athletes, family and has a great vibe.  I love the village and the expo....everyone has that amped up Ironman look about them. 

Confession time....did some major recon on who is racing in my AG and well let's just say there is some serious competition-  Chick went 10:15 on this course last year?  How can she be as old as me?  really????  UGH!  Oh well.... the day is my day to do the best I can do :) not get caught up in someone else's race...why check? I like to know- who is out there and where their strengths are...seems she can swim like and fish and run even faster and ride pretty darn well too.  I know, I know.... "there is only one thing  you can control and that is your attitude"  I am controlling it....

Cocoon of Confidence! 

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