Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Training is done....

Hooray!!!! Last big training weekend is finished. And what a weekend it was. UCSD held it's 1st Annual 2 day Ironman. 2.4M swim in the pool,112 mile ride and then for those crazy people running the RnRoll Marathon on Sunday. For me. I showed up for the swim, modified ride and a transition run.

A few weeks ago I was thinking it would be a good day to test out hydration, intake of salt, work in the heat and feel what is it like to run after being in the sun on the bike for so long. Well, actually it was quite the opposite. Was it June gloom, nice day in the clouds? No it was actually raining. Whole other set of conditions to deal with. As KP once said to me over a year ago when I pondered moving my long ride due to rain, " as long as you can get the race directors to change the race if it rains, go ahead and move the ride." Hard Ass, as my father said.

So there we are at UCSD 6:00am and ready to swim 2.4 miles, 3900 meters long course. That is 39 laps for 78 lengths of the 50 meter pool. Off we go and the 1st 1000 went pretty quick and I was feeling good until I realized I was 1/4 of the way. UGH, boring.....but I held a good pace and ticked off the 100's as we went. Around 2100, a guy passed me and I decided to swim in his current for bit see if I can hang on. Well clearly he sped up passed me and then swam my pace. The draft was quite nice and comfortable....but it was training, drafting makes it easier...so I slide over a lane and suffer along alone. Finsished the swim 1:01, not too bad, throw on a wetsuit and drafing on race day and I hope to swim 54 which I did at IM WI.

Onto the bikes in a steady rain....My T1 was very long as I wanted to wait for Marion and a few others so I took a hot shower, changed, dried off- very not IM like, but was all okay for the day. Off we headed in the rain. Within a mile I realize something is wrong on my bike, the front derailleur is rubbing when I am in my big chain ring. Marion asks cant I ride in the small one? Right for 100 miles- don't think so. On and off I am fiddling with the bike. We hit La Costa and head inland and thankfully someone had a flat, well not for them but good for me, as they were stopped and I borrowed an Allen Wrench. Did a bit of work and bingo I am the master bike mechanic and we are off, only to then learn now I cannot get in my small ring, and not that is not a option. So this is a really fun day, raining, chilly, mechanical problems and my legs are dead tired, not coming around as I hoped. We are well over an hour into the ride and they are not good. As we are cruising through Harmony Grove I am not happy and ultimately decide to leave the group, head to B&L and get my bike fixed. At 2:40 into my 5 hour ride, my bike is thankfully fixed. He throws it on the stand and makes a lot of adjustments and now rides like a dream. Legs are still dead, cannot generate power and HR is low. All glaring signs of fatigue, but i am determined to finish today. I head North and realize I am under fueled and begin dreaming of Pop Tarts again. At 3:45 into the ride I stop for a double shot Starbucks and consume 2x chocolate pop tarts. Forget the gus's, gels, and powerbars, we are talking now. With the caffeine rush and sugar rush I am new person, rain is letting up and I am headed back to UCSD.

Ride done! Yahoo. Transition run, 30-45 minutes, within 1 mile my legs feel great. Amazing, I run 6 miles and felt like I can keep going, but of course stop and, and I am so excited I packed some post training treats. At the PB/Honey sandwich first, have to get in some good recovery fuel and then went to work on the choc chip cookies- the ones i took out of the oven early so they are doughy. Oh yes, i am doing my own happy dance in my car. I am wet, muddy and me new bike looks very old and tired, filthy actually. Luckily all the cookies and caffeine had me amped up so I gave my bike a good cleaning, wipe down and it is good as new.

Sunday, last long run....I wake up less than motivated, stiff and tired. Read the news online, drink some coffee and begin to procrastinate. Zen is hounding me to go out so I use his motivation to get going. Lace up and head out with the dogs and actually don't feel too badly. After 30 min bring the pups home and grab some fuel and a few Espresso Gels and off I go. Run was great- 15 miles and I was feeling good. HR was a bit low which is due to fatigue but pace was steady and I finished strong.

Meanwhile, my family is functioning, existing and being so supportive I am incredibly thankful. Sat night Riley is at a friends, John is sleeping (one would think he was the one with the 8 hour training day) and JD comes home to get something. He feels sorry that I am alone on the couch watching a movie and offers to stay home with me. My heart swells and I am gushing but send him off, thanking him, and secretly enjoying the peace and quite by myself.

Now I working through fatigue....so tired. Monday day off and tried to get some good work done but was sooo tired. Today went for a 45 min run and felt like 10 miles. All the work has piled up and my body is waiving the white flag. KP has lowered my volume and shortened much of this week, need to recover!!!

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  1. Sorry about your bike traumas, but good thing you got them out of the way before race day. Can't believe it was raining down there. Great job on all your training. Enjoy the taper!