Friday, June 19, 2009


Rainy and windy, yes it is. Took the bike out for a nice 45 minute spin and it was windy and rainy but actually not too cold. Rode with my jacket for about 10 and then was too hot and rode in my race kit. Hopefully race day will be similar. Cool and cloudy is just fine with me.

Local free wireless spot is great to check and get a bit of work done. Squeezed in a massage in the Ironman Village and then off to the Erin Baker booth for some team pictures and spreading the goodwill of granola and cookies. We helped out Erica for a bit and handed out samples, restocked out depleted supplies, took some fun pictures and then headed for cover as it started raining.

Settled back at home, working a bit and ready for another power nap.

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