Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chasing boys....

Not what you think!!! Today was an easy day...right! Up at 5:30 for a 45 min run and then off to Masters Swim. Reasonable workout and am feeling good. Jen and I head out for 2 hour coastal ride and we are chattering non stop. Had a boy on our wheel most of the way out as we had a lengthy discourse about flattering and not so flattering race kits, which led to too much padding in shorts, peeing on the bike and we digressed. Quite comical and he was right there yet never made a peep.

Lost him at the turn around only to have 2 roadies on our wheels and they were close and so of course we are casually pushing the pace a bit. They draft for a while and then take their turn pulling us. Our Zone 2 ride is more like a 3 at this point, but nothing crazy. They turn at Fletcher Cove for a pit stop, thank goodness, only to reappear a tad worked on our wheels at 15th street. And of course we all know we are headed up Torrey. Jen restates this is a zone 2 ride and we all pretend we are riding easy. And the climb begins...this is clearly not a idropboys kind of group. So the pace quickens and Beaker Concepts takes the lead and I jump on his wheel. About 1/2 way I up I pull alongside and we mange to keep the effort and start chatting. He is checking out my bike and notes I need an orange Hydrotail to match my new rig. Well turns out he is Beaker Concepts and owns the company. As we near UCSD and Jen and I have to go he shouts that when I get my Kona slot, email him and he will send me an orange Hytrotail. Now the funny thing is we never discussed my Kona quest.....

All in all it was fun! Nice to meet people our riding and have it all be good.

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  1. That was such a fun ride. I don't think they bought my "I'm in zone 2 today" line.