Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is my dog doping....

So Rocky has been on Rimadyl since his recent eye surgery. Rimadyl® (pronounced "Rim-a-dill") for Osteoarthritis and Post-Surgical Pain. He started it for Post-Surgical pain but the vet had also recommended for his osteoarthritis. Within 4 days the spring in his step had returned, lost over a year ago and he was able to first trot and then run along side when we went on our walks. He was able to run twice last week for 30 minutes. The dog has a new lease on life. John keeps asking what is the human equivalent....not sure maybe EPO?

As for long term side effects, that is the beauty of a dog, they don't live for 70-100 years. Rocky is 9 so getting up there in dog years so I am not worried. He is so eager to go running again and after our first run, his tail wagging the entire way, many love licks along the run, he was so happy.

While I am skeptical about the use of so many pharmaceuticals...I am convinced this is the right one for Rocky.

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