Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 weeks....

6 weeks to race date!! 3 weeks of long training and then it is taper time.

Weekend was great....After my long ride Saturday we had dinner at Dad and K's and they are fabulous cooks so the food was wonderful and perfect recovery food. We had such a great time, we stayed almost until 8! Only those who are up at 5am understand what an epiphany that is.

Sunday, cranked out my Mothers Day 15 mile run with a new group of runners and we had plenty of titillating conversation to make the miles click by. Running with others really does pass the time. But running and riding alone build the mental toughness needed for IM. It is a long day out there. I miss all my buddies and chattering as we log the miles....but I am going to stick to my plan and that is hard to do with company, unless they agree to follow my ride, run etc.

After running and Starbucks, of course, I had massage. It was the most masochistic, painful and unrelaxing massage ever, but it was great. I woke up Monday feeling really good. Muscles a bit tired but not sore. I am trying to determine if I can muster the strength for another suffer fest this weekend. He really knew where to work and I literally had the sheet in my teeth so as not to create a scene.

Had a great afternoon with the kids and a terrific Mothers Day dinner with Mom and Billy. We ate and drank and had so much fun. I was so full I gladly walked the dogs when we got home, simply to seek some relief from the food.

Beginning of this week is pretty tame.... hour run on Monday and Masters swim today and a short ride. Goal is recovery early in the week and prepare for a huge day Friday and Saturday.

Was hoping to do Hot Yoga with E but JD broke bracket so instead I was at the Ortho office. I tell you, they need a desk there for me. Somehow the kids are not on the same schedule any more for wire changes etc. so it seems I am there every other week. But they have free wireless, bless them, so I work away or surf the net, pretending to be working.

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  1. you'll do awesome!!! wish you the best these next 6 wks. See you in October ;)