Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why travel Wed for a Sunday race....

Getting to Lake Placid from San Diego is an all day the best of times. So I knew I wanted a buffer day, just in case and to give me adequate time to adjust to the time change.  Although I have been on East Coast time all week- up at 4-4:30 every day. 

Today was no different.....but that was good as I skyped with the kids for 20+ minutes...they are having a great time and are learning a few words of Mandarin enough Mandarin to speak at ease.  They have met some great kids from around the world and have become fast well as enjoying all their time with their cousins and Aunt and Uncle. Today they are off the Beijing for 4 days for a amazing trip - definitely jealous there.

Julia and I took the pups for an early run and I showed her the running route and how to tire out Mako if her run was shorter than 90 minutes.  And we rolled at lines in San Diego, well except for the 27 ( yes that is how desperate I was) people in line at Starbucks and we were on the plane and off to Dulles..... 5 episodes of Breaking Bad my new horrible addiction and we landed in Dulles- Our layover was 30 minutes but we soon learned of a 45 min delay which we stupidly thought was a good thing as we had to take a shuttle, tram and hike through 2 terminals.  As we were walking toward our gate I noticed the longest line I have ever seen.....and then noted without registering there maybe a problem  that the line was for United Service Desk.  We we soon learned cancelled and grounded all over the East and Mid West and that compounds it all.... our plane was here and the pilot here but out crew was in Pittsburgh.

Our departure went from 4:45 to 5:30 to 6:30 to 7:30 to 8:30 and now 9:10.....crew in en route, they say and not additional delays...... as frustrating as it is.... at least our flight was not cancelled.  We booked onto a back up flight at 10pm to Albany, rented a back up car and went and ate.  And now we wait and wait and wait..... so if all goes well, we land in Burlington 11:30- get on the road by midnight and have to take the long way as the ferry will be closed....and we hope to roll into Lake Placid by 3am....midnight out time- 18 hour later.

Well....again..race is Sunday do plenty of time to sleep and recover.....

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