Monday, July 9, 2012

Tapering, quite house, restless dog

13 days and counting to Ironman Lake Placid!  Kids arrived in Shanghai safely and Mako does not understand what tapering means...

This weekend I had a lot of extra time on my hands....why?  3:30 was my LONG ride - wow...amazing to be done riding before noon, even after a luxurious post ride coffee at Peet's with Jen.   I was home and showered and not wiped out for the day.  

I decided to ship my bike with Tri Bike Transport since the kids were originally coming with us and with 4 people + a bike we would need a BIG car...and I signed up tor TBT last year- anyway it is nice to not have break down and pack the bike, BUT I have to give up my bike 2 weeks early.  So I had to have it ready to go and at Nytro by Sunday noon  -  we decided to drop it off Saturday and have a date night-  Actually out to dinner on a Saturday night in Encinitas-   we had a great time, ate too much and still manged to be home by 8:30! 

And the house is quite....with 2 teenagers gone there is less mess no mess and less stress.   I love my kids but summer and teenagers = late nights and continual texting of "can I go..." and usually the texts come in around 10pm or 10 minutes before they promised to be home. So my sleep is interrupted and I really don't fall into a deep sleep until they are both home.  So with them  over 6000 miles away, somehow I can not worried.   Makes it easier as they are with my brother and family for the 1st 2 weeks.

Thanks so Skype we are in touch and I am up to date on their trip so weekend exploring the city and settling in.  JD Skyped me after his 1st day of school.... "holy F Mandarin is HARD.  This is REAL school"  Not sure what they expected but seems they worked from 9-12:30 with a 20 minute break- they drilled them on vowels and sounding them out. JD and RM are the only 2 in the class as the other kids have been there 2 weeks and are more advanced at this point. After 5 hours of hard work they headed out on the town for some sightseeing and shopping.

Today's taper ride was one of the best in a long time.....catching up with rock star Beth and Noko for a ride that was all about chatting and enjoying the beautiful Southern CA day.   I have 3 more big swims.... checking them off 1 at a time... I know they are good for me and good for my IM and now with the race in sight I can do them. Yesterday I knocked off 2x 1000  3x500 and then 10x100 and I was shocked at my pace on the 100's...double take on when I came in and was thinking okay that is just the 1st one and then I knocked them off 1 at a time.   See I have NOT been swimming with the clock- I was just too frustrated with my times and pace so for the last 3 weeks I swim all by feel and have pushed it hard and now to see the clock- I am liking it..... In a weird way and very unlike me I am looking forward to my next swim- and will be using the clock :)

From here on in.....focused on eating well and sleeping well!   Dinner tonight- Kale with small amount of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, toasted hemp seeds, dried blueberries and cherries + toasted almonds...marinated all day and it was delicious!  Small amount of salmon for good protein and I am satiated and happy.  

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