Friday, July 27, 2012


I have had so many ask me if I am going to try and squeeze in another race and try to get to Kona...and the answer is no.  I have been fortunate enough to qualify the last 3 years and we spent glorious weeks in Kona each October and loved every minute of it except for the last 10 miles of the race when I swore I would NEVER come back. We stay with great friends and enjoy the Superbowl of triathlon. How can you not WANT to go....

At the beginning of 2012, before I broke my leg, bailed out of 2 races and had a sub-par IM in July I was 50/50 on going to Kona....why?  Lets start with the practical - it is a really expensive trip- minimum $5k for the 2 of us and with JD starting college in the fall we have a big bill forthcoming.....  But honestly that is not the real reason.... I just don't have the burning desire and that is where the question lies...why?  You have to have a burning desire to do any Ironman and especially Kona in the heat!  To be philosophical.....I have never raced well in Kona and maybe I have allowed the fear get to me?  Not sure, but the desire and will is not pressing as it has in years past.  The last 3 years I have  had a back up race planned in case I did not qualify at my A race and this year I did not and that was intentional.  If all went well and I secured a slot we would decide yes or no. I weighed the options around mile 80 of the bike, knowing full well it was not in the cards to happenat IMLP.  I could start the run and see if there was a miracle in my legs and if not I could have stopped and used LP as a training day and entered IM Louisville (yes it is still open)  or could have grabbed a community fund slot to Canada.  But I did not want to....

The other reason and I think this is the most compelling right now is family....Ironman training is a part time job.  I have my brother and family coming from Hong Kong for a week and will be in Lake Arrowhead and then JD and Riley come home from their month in Shanghai.  I want to enjoy the time with everyone and not stress about training.  JD and I leave August 19 to drive to Colorado for college and I want to have some fun along the way.  Can I train and have fun? sure but it is different.  For the 2 weeks before JD leaves...I want to have the energy to stay up late, go water skiing, camping and hang out with my teenagers.  

I also have another race booked...IM Cabo in March.  So I have another IM on the books that is not too far away.  So I am content, really I am, to take some time off and enjoy my family and friends.    I am not hanging it up and I confess I have looked at some 70.3 races in Sept/Oct as I may get a tad restless...but that will be a last minute decision and not a focused A race-more of fun race with some friends.

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  1. I"m with you, Julie! You have to have that fire to both get to Kona, and then race there. See you there in 2013/2014... whenever I can get my fire back and qualify! :)