Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Checking them off

18 days to Ironman Lake Placid!  And it is taper time.... Last long ride (done), last long run (done)  Cha ching, in the bank.  Still some work to be done...but the long stuff is finished.

Maureen and I rolled out Sunday for a tour of San Diego....starting in Carmel Valley and heading West.  Along the way we came upon a "friend" having breakfast.  Yes there he was on the frontage road consuming a mole.  We had to stop and take a look and snap a picture... and off we went.   Next up the spectacular San Diego coastline and Torrey Pines Beach.  We hit the coast early, you don't want to be near the coast on a bike in the summer...traffic, tourists, car doors and cyclists are not a good combo.  And from there we headed through Elfin Forest, made it through before the parade closed the road and soon we were heading East.  Nothing like leaving the coast and coming upon Vineyards.  Orfelia....truly beautiful to ride by, too bad their wine is terrible.  And then it was time to go up.... only 1625 feet but a nice climb up the 78 after passing the very stinky the lovely Wild Animal Park.   Soon we were heading down Highland Valley Road, one of my favorite descents, more so on my road bike but still a really fun road.   And the we cruised through Rancho Bernardo and back to Peets Coffee, had to do a "hot lap" to get to the magic 100 miles!  And that was it....done.   One of my favorite rides - spectacular weather and good company,

Monday was a family day with my Dad turning 80!  My sis and I spent the night with him at Montage in Laguna Beach.... sensational and horrifically expensive dinner and a great night!

I can only hope to be as energetic, articulate and put together at 80.  Maybe I can get a Porsche too when I'm that age....

Tuesday was long run on deck!  First 90 minutes with Mako and then dropped him off  and hammered the last hour on my own....ooof!  Not all that easy or confidence building but well- training is not always easy and I can only hope the marathon at LP is a bit faster and more enjoyable. 

There is a sense of relief and anxiety to have finished the last of the big training....Relief as it gets tiring but anxiety as in holy cow it is done...there is not much more I can do to get fitter, faster and prepared for Ironman. So I go from confident and excited to worried and filled with trepidation. This is where my coach is so helpful in grounding me.  

I recently read a great article from the US Olympic Swimming Trials and my take away is " Cocoon of Confidence"

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  1. Hey Julie! That picture of the snake eating a mole. That is fascinating. We just don't have snakes that big here... and we certainly don't find snakes eating moles!
    Okay, but really. I too am relieved that the big stuff is done, but it does make one feel a little helpless...
    and also my legs are STILL TIRED? Can you remind me when your legs start to feel like maybe you could actually race on them again? ! I"m not sure I will ever get over my --also not confidence-boasting- long run of last week. :) See you in Placid!