Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wildflower.....HOT Mess

HEAT + Julie + Racing = ONE HOT MESS  

As I am working today in the 90+ degree heat complaining non stop to my dogs  I am pondering how I will fare on Saturday.   1/2 Ironman, 95 degrees and a 9:00 start.  Can you saw WTF....  My husband is already up there so looks like I am going...

1- it is what it is
2- be a hot mess all week- no AC in our house so suffer away
Hope this is not what the swim start looks like 
3- hydration began today- constant fluids and lots of electrolytes
4- I do this for FUN
5- re-read 4 and consider that at mile 9 of the 1/2 marathon on the trails when if is 95 degrees and a 11% grade
6- re- read #4
7- relax..  " you can control one thing today and that is your attitude" thank Mike Reilly saying this at the start of most Ironman races
8- Racing an Olympic Sunday after the 1/2 on Saturday- was so gutsy when I signed up - now... we shall see.   Let me survive Saturday first.
9- re- read #4
10- we are sleeping in an RV vs camping with 5 peopl and 95 degrees
11- I have a lot of cookies to share
11a-  There is not enough water in the lake so we have to run 2 miles to where there is enough water- so we have T1 and T1A. Split run, logistics are confusing but I am rolling with this one and will see how that works out
12- reading about racing in the heat and being light is best.. thinking a juice cleanse today will not bode well for racing, So will race with the body as is
13- working all day in Palm Springs tomorrow is NOT what I want to do  will be better heat acclimation as it is over 100 degrees there and I will be touring hotels
13- really a little wine will not dehydrate me
14- Lots of fun people and I do love the WF experience  once I am done racing 
15- Coach has a swim in the lake on my schedule Friday- that would entail 2 mile run in my wetsuit, swim and another 2 mile run back- in 95 degrees.  I'll do arm swings and pour water over my head
15 Update from Wildflower- Water is not Potable - hope the aid stations don't run out... Giardia is not fun....although can be effective in getting to race weight.

Good on ya!

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