Monday, April 28, 2014

Traincation and blog intimidation

This blog is killing me.....formatting issues, then did not auto save, then had weird font...then published and was not right... ARH! 

Blog Intimidation :  to be worried my blog does not stack up against others. Fear my blog is not as tech savy, as well written or laid out as well  as  as others...  :to overawe or cow, as through the force of personality or by superior display of wealth, talent, etc
.    Some of my friends are awesome writers, have savvy blogs and pics and I sometimes get shy - negative talk  (whiny voice) "my block sucks"  and then I don’t write…over it- back to blogging

Onward...  Traincaation:  to train all day and vacation at the same time.  Preferably with fun peeps. A week ago Thursday  I picked up Courtney, whom I have spent all of maybe 30 min total combined minutes and that includes sightings at races and a hey how are you?.  

We piled in my car, both fairly confident we would be okay (due to mutual friends who would have warned us respectively if either or both we psycho) and hit the road. By the first Starbucks stop - 20 minutes into the road trip, we both let out a sigh and knew it was going to be a Thelma/Louise weekend without the guns and murder. But you get the idea. We drove 9+hours to Marin County for "minicamp" with coach Chris (our mutual coach)  he offers camps to his athletes on occasion and we were both eager to bend his hear, tap into his knowledge  train with coach for a few days.  Camps are small 8-10 max and entail swim, bike, run.  No sag, no hand holding but there was wheel sucking, and it was great.  We rolled into San Rafael and hit the Whole Foods- stocked up for the weekend and made dinner - WF salad bar is simply second to NONE.  LOVE it - and we were to unpack our 100 bags, bikes and eat in our room relaxing after a long drive.  Lots of kale, dark chocolate and liquids (sodium based vs alcohol)  

Thursday started with a very tame (both in time and effort) coached swim at 9:00 at the Tiburon Peninsula Club at 9:00.  Easy 3k swim and on our bikes.

The map sent out was google maps with 77 + turns. Court and I were sure we would be lost forever.  We stayed together as a group getting out of town.  Ride described 3-4 hours ez.  I am freaking out here - I plan rides, map them out and know nearly within 5 min of how long they will take.  I had to just let go.... I had no idea how long or where we were headed- so I did, just let it gl.  Once out of town it was so beautiful....trees, trees and more trees.  

We were riding through redwoods and then on the coast,  and in Pt Reyes, Stinson Beach, Oyster beds.. all over!   - it was stunning. Our group of 4 did get lost or we made a wrong turn and somehow were behind the group...but I was 90% ok except when myself and the 3 guys ( who all know the area) stood at a
these are real tree's...jsut sayin
T discussing which way to go for 5+ minutes. Debating what each direction mean - all of this was foreign to me.  LET’S JUST RIDE!  So we did... and on this nice easy ride at 3 hours we climbed MT Tam- always wanted to and it was stunning.  I miss trees- real trees. Palm
Trees are like sticks with hats.  I kept asking are we 1/2 way, are we almost there.... Kevin surely was annoyed with me and said "just go to the top"   All in all an awesome day.  We rolled straight to dinner at The Plant Cafe in Mill Valley-  

Happy girl (kale salad)  Court and I finished off the day shopping at Athleta- we need one of those in San Diego and were in bed by 8:30

serous tri geek- foam rolling outside Plant Cafe
Sat am, we rolled at 8 from McGinnis Park with another cryptic map of 80-90 miles.  Let the control go-no clue if ride was hilly or flat but it was zone 2. C and I got to ride with Jordan for the first bit and then Chris the rest of the day.  His zone 2 and mine a are bit different but I sucked his wheel and more importantly had hours to bend his ear and get to know him a bit better.  

Having a coach who is 500 miles away is VERY different. 

The scenery was amazing, the Oysters places and the water and the trees.... before we know it we were back to the lot and time for a T Run - 9 miles- what 9 miles?  Just run he says... so I did.  Ran around lagoons that were perfect soft trails with a wicked wind- heading out it was easy, heading back it was well not easy.  But with a hot lap around the parking lot- did 9 on the spot. Sunday was more swimming and a long run..... Legs were complaining but again the change of scenery, new training partners and coach running as well- we got it done.    

The camp was a blast. New friends, letting go of control, not limiting your body (listening to your mind) and a hotel room.  When the focus is eat, train and sleep it makes is doable.  No dogs, no house,  no spouse, no real life other than then emails and work all day Friday -   The benefit of owning my own business and thank goodness for the iPhone- every stop I was making calls, reviewing contracts and actually missed the T Run due to a conference all- but I got in most of the 1st day. ... I would not trade my life but once in a while it is kinda fun

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