Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vegan Update

Day 6 and doing great.....what is hard about this..

Dairy is easy....vegan is harder.  I love cheese, yogurt and NF milk in my Mocha- but that is part of why I am doing this- it is not easy. ( I need more challenge  in my life as if 2 teenagers, a mom with a broken hip , 2 jobs and training for triathlon is just too easy)   I want to experience a plant based diet for health but also for moral reasons - and that is where the no dairy comes in.  More grains for sure.....but I like grain and am happy to have more.

Staples in my house- avocado, nuts, Nuttzo butter, sweet potatoes and the various fruits and veggies...tonight we made the yams/navy beans/flax/walnuts/cumin/salt/pepper/onion burgers. Recipe from Runners World We grilled them up with almond cheese, added avo + lettuce  and they were delicious!  Alongside we had roasted red potatoes/onions and big salad of
kale/tomatoes/peppers/scallion/almonds/mango with EVO + apple cider vinegar and avocado. JD and his buddies grilled steak but I was happy with my selection.   I am thankful 1- wine is vegan and 2 - black licorice is too.  I was quite upset to see milk my my Dark Chocolate Acai berries- argh!

Last night was tough at Brigantine... I was dying for ceviche and Cioppino.  No vegan options so I had a terrible chopped salad, bread and overcooked veggies  JD was fish tacos and the location in Del Mar was great for his room ate Raj from CO.  But it was an expensive, terrible, meal.

I wish I could say I had a killer AFC 1/2 today on my new diet.....but the race that turned training run that turned to a 10 mile run + 3 mile walk had nothing to do with plants but more to do with crushing it in Tahoe backed up with 2 days of Crossfit and my legs are toast - with Vegas 3 weeks away there is nothing to prove and too many mistakes to be made. So at mile 10 I pulled off my chip and walked and saved my dying legs.  Time to listen to my inner-coach.....tomorrow is DAY OFF.  Dog Beach early before a crazy day of work. coaching, taking Mom to Dr and who knows what else....

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