Thursday, August 1, 2013 Lynne Cox

I am committed to 2x a week ....I LOVE Crossfit but so struggle with the outcome.  The training is fun, challenging and always different.  And then I wait to see how sore and debilitated I will be.  Tuesday we did sled pulls for time with increasing weight.  I did NOT go crazy. I paced myself and stayed strong and steady.   I thought ok not too bad....  which is pretty much the usual until the next day when I "crawl" out of bed.... ouch, ouch, ouch.....

And coupled with the overhead press I am trashed once again.  Rolled out on a ride and it was just plain hard.  The power was there but it was a struggle due to deep soreness.  

My "box" does not post the workouts prior which is good and bad.  The good is that I may not show up if I saw some of the workouts and the idea of surprise makes it a little fun and makes me a tiny bit anxious when  I walk in each day.  The anticipation is fun.  The downside is a heavy leg workout may leave me destroyed for my next run or ride.   Not sure which is a world where I plan SO much I am liking the unplanned Crossfit.

Update on Vegas 70.3's Worlds....for now I am not committing.  Yes I qualified and paid but am not committed to racing.  Life right now is over the top busy and stressful with a lot of family issues.  Once the race became an added stress I knew it was time to re-think it.  I need less stress not more.   I am training but not the way I want to I am going to take it day by day and keep family first for now and see where the training falls.  The training I want to do it not feasible right now and I wrestle with racing a World Championship not 100% ready.  Time will tell and the good news it we are driving so I can make the call at any time.....

Lynne Cox spoke at the TCSD meeting last night as she kicked off her book tour.  Talk about an inspiration....Swimming to Antarctica is a must read for anyone but especially a swimmer.  There are not many swimming hero's but she is one to me.  In fact when she signed my book  I was emotional with tears when expressing my admiration.  Not only does she attempt the impossible- swimming in the Bering Sea but she is calling for attention to water quality - making water safer around the world.  An athlete with a message.  

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