Friday, August 16, 2013

Careful what you wish for.....

So I was ambivalent about competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 9/8 in Las Vegas for a number of reasons..

1:  It will be hot, f'ing hot, Africa hot and I don't like hot
2: Was there in 2011 and it was one of my worst races and for some reasons I am not dying to get revenge and make it better
3: Life has been complicated and training was becoming a stress vs de- stress.  

So I decided to take a wait and see attitude.  I already paid (have to when you "claim" you spot" and that was that...plan was 2 weeks out assess and see
1: how is training going- this is NOT a race to show up for under trained-  tough bike and tougher run and did I mention the heat? 
2: hope to find a place to stay....

So - training has been going  well -  Our Tahoe trip I was not expecting solid training and I got in a killer ride + 2 hour trail run at 8000 ft and they went great.  So I came back ready to find a place to stay..... Well Wed night Leslie texted me  "so I guess you are not racing Vegas as you are not on the start list"  What???? "bibs are up and you are not there"  OMG....I 100% spaced on the "claim your spot" letter that I got when I paid.  I have done this 3x for Kona and 1x for Vegas so I cannot blame rookie move.  Not only had the date passed but I had zero clue where the letter was.... panic set it.  I tore apart every bag, purse and possible location for the letter, emailed Ironman begging a way 2am I remembered I took a photo of the letter and sure enough it was on my phone. I hopped out of bed and tried to register, even thought the cut off date was Aug 7.  Accepted my registration and I am in!  I should feel elated to have the opportunity to be racing at the World Championships adjust your freaking attitude Dunkle

Back to bed and laid there....wait am I sure?  Well I am now.  Even though I have to take red-eye after the race to Ft Myers FL for a 5 day meeting, even though it will be hot, even though I am once again doubting my training...I am IN!!

So 3 weeks to race day.....Crossfit 2x this week and I cannot lift my arms (pull ups and burpee WOD) and my swim today was easily 5 sec/100 slow, my glutes are on fire ( back squats, dead lifts - thank you)  But I missed 3 weeks of CF before Vineman and I committed to 2x for 4 weeks- will back off the final 2 weeks or 10 days before Vegas.  I was annihilated last week from the HERO WOD but thankfully am now just normal CF sore.  I really think it helped in Vineman and considering the hilly bike/run I think the added strength  will be helpful.  I have backed off Hot Yoga mainly due to time...but my plan is final 2 weeks to go every other day- taper in the heat-  without CF and less volume I will have more time and it should help with heat acclimation.

So 3.5 hour hilly ride tomorrow and then AFC 1/2 Marathon Sunday which I am running NOT racing- too tired and sore for that.  Goal is 1st 3 miles at steady pace and then see about picking it up to 70.3 goal pace- not sure that is doable now but will see. If not, then surely a 13 mile run with "friends" will be better than alone.  

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