Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rolling with life as it is.....

dirty laundry
Life is complicated, can be challenging and at times overwhelming but it can also be fulfilling, rewarding, entertaining and a lot of fun.  My life is all of the above.   I try to roll with challenges but recently they seem to be steamrolling over me. I am getting good at taking things in stride..... so with that I am not racing Las Vegas.  I have gone from ambivalent to highly motivated, excited and ready to embrace the heat to well....there is more to life than triathlon.  That more if family-  Focus on the Family.... I think there is a Christian based

organization that offers books, counseling and assistance, but this is my own focus.  I realize this is vague but I cannot air my dirty laundry on the enough said.  No Vegas for me.

So without the looming idea excitement of Worlds 70.3 I am not committed to swim,bike,run, rest, stay my plan is no sleep this is not by choice,  random training and living day to day. But I am committed to being Vegan!!! And I am loving it.   Plants are good and I feel good.   I am eating a lot of avocados..hope that is okay. Avo with salt and lime spread on organic bread is the bomb.  I went to make guac the other night but was shy on avocados so I started chopping what I had in the fridge....  tomatoes from the garden, peppers from neighbors garden, sweet onion,  cilantro, roasted corn (cut off an ear of corn and cooked on high in  pan until roasted),  salt, lime, chululu sauce and pepper.  It was a salsa, salad...delicious!   Starbucks is out- Soy latte does not do it for me. Starbucks when will you get Almond Milk?  I do like the Refreshers -  I have realized Starbucks is an experience not just the coffee, I like working there for a few hours... I digress.

only sometime 
Training wise....well I also overdid the running a bit - Tahoe coupled with long trail run coupled with AFC 1/2 and my right ITB went crazy.... add 1 day of Crossfit when I was "stressed out" and that day included 400m sprints x 15 overhead squats with weight x 5.  I showed up angry and I took it out on the workout....the last 400m sprint I could feel things that were not right.  Whamo - painful ITB, swollen knee and lesson learned.   Dr Wells treated me and told me NO running or riding  suggested I consider taking a few days off.  AH.... crap!  So I swam and did CF on Friday (all upper body) and Saturday I did not ride - started my day with Dog Beach and followed it up with a Yoga double.... Sculpt followed by Fusion.  Talk about sweat!!   2 hours in 105+ Good stuff!

Sunday is a yoga date + breakfast with Riley :)  Love that kid 

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