Friday, January 11, 2013

Returning to civilization

For the last 3 nights in Cambodia all I dreamed about was my bed, our soft bed, my pillows and snuggling with Mako.... It was a heavenly dream.  Reality- 2 hour of sleep followed by 2 hours of wide awake there is a 13 hour time difference.  "snuggling" with Mako is more like gigantic bed hog and he is the only one sleeping and snoring.  Wednesday was the worst..I was so tired and passed out from 9-11 and then wide awake.  Read for a while, worked for a while and then had a glass of wine + 2 melatonin's at 2am.  I return to bed and tried to find a spot to fit as Mako was perpendicular on the bed.  I am settled and he jumps up, sprints down the stairs blasts out the dog door and sprints back up. I am 99% asleep and I hear John grumbling about a stinky poop. I ignore and start to slip into sleep when John realizes Mako has run through his poop and smeared it across the duvet and into the sheets.  Fck!  In a coma we change the duvet, change the sheets and I look over and Mako is upside down asleep as John gingerly cleans his shit filled paw.  I want to be in a hotel in Cambodia!!! Just kidding....

Jet let going West- NONE - we arrived at 11 and were in bed at midnight, slept 8 hours and never realized we were upside down. But this way.... I am skipping naps in hope of sleep and I sleep 2 hours and am wide awake and usually hungry.  I tried melatonin, massage, exercise, wine-  each night it gets a bit better.  Thursday during our Vampire time 11-1 JD came in and piled on the bed and talked like we used to when he was little...I am hoping tonight is the magical night of a solid sleep. Especially since I have to get up at 4am to drive to Octotillo where it is 25 degrees....

I know, why, why do I continue to return to the S2 for torture...nearly died of heat 2x and then had a "challenging" ride when we went camping.  Why? Because I want to be in charge of the S2 and not let it be in charge of me! 

Since returning home I have not had any rice, nothing with lemon grass, have not used condensed mile in my coffee,  have driven on paved roads wearing a seat belt, enjoyed shampoo and conditioner and soap all in separate bottles vs 1 small packet of "all purpose", not missing 1000 motos zooming around. hot water is nice..... travel is good!  Home is nice too - especially if I sleep, really sleep.

As for training...I expected to feel like 1 million dollars....2 weeks of cross training and not..... ride on Wed was really hard, long run on Thur HR was 15 bpm high and pace was 30 sec per mile slow and today swim was tragic.... so- I am hoping blood volume is low and that with a few days I will be back on top.

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