Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random thoughts on Cambodia

More random comments on Cambodoa

- no apparent traffics laws. Motos on both sides of the street sometimes going the wrong direction. TukTuks all over without blinkers or signals. Everyone merges with ease and it works. Complete mayhem yet we have only seen 1 accident

- seatbets? Yes in the front seat only

- No max number for a moto- have seen 5 on a moto made for 2

- the few traffic lights we have seen have large digital countdown u tip it changes

- no crosswalks and no one has the right of way

- Cambodians are NOT lazy

- capitalism at its best. Every other hut seems to be selling some kind of food and drink

- squat pots are ok

- when there is running water there is a "bum gun"' equivalent of a kitchen hose next to the toilet for a spray down. We like

- Cambodian beds are thin and hard

-lemon grass, ginger and lime are staples

- salt/pepper + lime juice is great dipping sauce

- meat and poultry apparently does not need much refrigeration and certainly no packaging for sale

- motos allowed in the aisle of the indoor market

- cows are missing something in their diet here- plenty of grass to eat but all are painfully thin

- cows and water buffalos have the right of way on the road. Ducks do not.

- Cambodia is very safe. Cambodians are loving and eager to help. Cambodians are not afraid of hard work.

- very few processes foods- we have not eaten from a package since we arrived

- mini busses for 12 can hold up to 26

- school is Mon-Sat and they wear uniforms - even in small villages

- Real is currency 4000= $1 and there are no coins. USD is king

- most travelers to Cambodia are Auatralian, German, Belgian

- only city we saw "large" white travelers was Siem Reap

- $12-15 hour massage is a bonus

- nearly every young child shouts hello when they see us.

- there may be no running water in some places but there is often wi-fi

- iPhone is very common among Cambodians in cities- 4 and 4S. The 5 is not here and is desired

- the Korean energy drinks we fell in live with have nicotine in them. We drank them for a week and at the elephant project we did not have them and we had withdrawals - no more for us. Back to straight up coffee.. Mondulkiri coffee is GOOD!

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