Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off.,off, off season.....

Okay so we drove to NM and back and around the state of AZ, I started a race and did not finish it...ugh!   Foot is seriously jacked up (probably good I stopped) and I have not done a lick of exercise in 8 days.  Okay, we did a small hike around Arcosanti and I was in pain complaining because I cannot wear a shoe with a back and up and down is tough wearing a flip flop tennis shoe.  Why a flip flop tennis shoe- I cannot wear a shoe with a back or it sends shooting pains up my ankle- something about the nerves, tendons that are simply not right. 

Oh I lied I went to the gym once on our trip and did elliptical on level1, seriously I am a level 7 or 8 but level 1 seemed a bit challenging. And the sign said 30 minute limit and I am a rule follower so I stopped. 

Now that we are back I thought I maybe eager to ride, run or swim.  KP has zero on my schedule in fact no running, riding or swimming.  Running is out, the whole back of the shoe issue is a problem and since it was 38 degrees this AM barefoot running does not seem wise. Swimming- no thanks.  Riding, contemplated it but I am fighting something and am resting.  Sleeping 11 hours after doing no exercise for 8 days tells me something is not right.

So seems this whole time off thing is working out just fine.

As for 2011.....I have 2 races planned and have committed to. Oceanside 70.3 April 3 and Wildflower Long Course May 1- I have always wanted to do Wildflower but have not done it because I have an IM on the horizon and I need to recover from O'side, get in a big block of training etc.   So my plan for 2011 is to race what I want to race and when I want to race and not force an Ironman.  I did not sign up for one and they are mostly sold out and I just cannot see putting forth the cash for a community fund slot. So that means maybe no Kona and right now I am okay not chasing the coveted Kona slot in 2011.  I could sign up for IM St George and do that all over again, but I just am not jonesing to do it, so I am going to wing it as they say.

Lots of other cool races to do and will let the year unfold as it may.  I love Ironman and am certainly not giving it up, so don't be fooled there. But for now....I don't want one on the horizon to think or worry about.  

So as all things come to an end...seems it is appropriate to give thanks!  I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family, some of the best friends I have ever had, and appreciate all the support from Erin Baker and Kestrel!  Erin, Bryan and Steven have been fantastic and I love the EB Team! 

So for now.... day by day and I am sure I will wake up soon inspired to ride soon.  As for running, time to let the foot heal-  the day I get out of bed and do not have shooting pains when I step down will be an indicator that I should run and as for swimming...I just may take the month off.  I really, really don't enjoy swimming and need a break!

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