Saturday, November 20, 2010

IMAZ..... Ironman Arizona for those that don't know

Well since the "lake" is not open to swimming Mimi and I went on an adventure and found the pool at ASU- awesome pool, great facility but not very IM like, swimming in a pool.  But it was warm and clean- 2 qualities the lake seems to lack.

We then drove 1 loop of the bike course....what can I say- Tempe is just not offer the scenery beautiful lake front scenery of Couer d'Alene, the farm hills on WI, red mountains of St George, the lava fields of offers a lot of freeway, flat roads and dirt.   But the 3 loops is what I hear makes this come back to town and see the crowds and that is the motivating, en energizing part of the course!  I am counting on that.... I rode out 5 miles and back and could feel the head wind, false flat etc...all I have been told.  Temperature was perfect today- around 70 mid day but rumor has it the temp will drop a bit and possibly rain.  We shall see....AM is very chilly.  45 degrees and the "lake" temp is rumored low 60's.   Bring on the cold water, cold weather- seemed to have worked well for me in Utah. 

We found the Whole Food-  yes!! Nice to stock up on all the IM pre-race must have..Nuttso butter, bananas, grapes, coconut water, delicious roasted root vegetable and curry salad and more delectable treats from WF.  And as promised it cost a fortune...but hey I'm racing, my body "needs" all this!

RnR the rest of the day and then dinner with the Erin Baker crew.  Great to meet more peeps on the team and off to bed early.   2 nights before the race is the key night sleep after all so I was determined to pack in 10 hours!  Forgot my earplugs but Tylenol PM was in my bag. 

Darcy arrived and she went off to dinner (not racing) and I went off to bed!   Plan was to be up at 6:30 and at the swim start by 7 so I could scope out the sun, how it will look race day etc.  I did not set an alarm since I wake up early and oops rolled over at 7:30.  Seems I needed the sleep more than I need the recon of the race.  And I learn that swim is not "open" until 9am anyway. 

Coffee, banana and Nuttso and off for a dip in Tempe Town Lake!

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  1. Okay, Julie! You're in 2nd position OA AG at 37 miles into the bike. So awesome! Keep it up!