Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great start....early finish...season done!

Well....I went into IM AZ with an attitude of indifference. Lucky for me!! Race morning went well. The lake was a pleasant surprise, tad chilly but ez spotting. I went for it in the swim and it was awesome. Felt great and loved it. Onto the bike and all was good. I was cruising and feeling great. Tail wind out and a major head wind back- tough but well gotta pay back the tail wind. Strong 1st lap and onto the 2nd. Wind picked up even more and rain started, no worries all was fine. Onto #3 feeling great, thinking about the run and hoping my foot holds up. Psssst, front flat. I am off and changing it, maybe lost 4 min. A bit down but determined to regain any lost ground. I settle in and am passing ppl who are struggling late in the race and then pssssst again, crap. Hop off, rear wheel this time. Wheel off and I cannot get the tire off. Seriously struggling and I cannot get it. A highway patrol stops and wrestles with it, calls tech support and nothing. Lots of time has passed, it's pouring and um not having fun. Brad finally gets it off, quick change, and cannot get the tire on. So much for new tires... I cannot get it back on. My hands are raw, my nerves are raw, and I am realizing my awesome race is fading. We finally get help and I am ready to go. As I hope on my bike, my injured foot slips and it feels like the tendons pull unnaturally. Ouch... I star riding with a lot of pain, loosen my shoe to ease the pressure and am seriously bummed.

As I ride back m foot is painful and I decide that my race is most likely over.... And I hit T2 and realize it is. Not worth further damage...

So we pack up and start the family roadtrip. Off to Tucson for some fun with the family. It's all good....long season over!! Time for some RnR

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  1. Sorry to hear what happened! But have a good family trip and enjoy the time off! You had a great year of racing!