Sunday, May 23, 2010


Nope nothing about triathlon. eating or not eating or training. Good ol' movie talk. Since we do not own a TV we are good patrons of

Okay so Friday was a bad day....let's just leave it at that, okay well maybe not. Tough work day followed by a really, really tough parenting afternoon. The kids were gone, thank goodness! And so we decided we needed a movie. The movies that came from Blockbuster just were not fitting my mood so I went and exchanged one for Leap Year. Perfect, perfect movie for the night. Yes another romantic comedy but it was just done well, funny, heartfelt, left you rooting for them to get together etc. The slime dog loses out and all ends well, as you know it will, but the route to the happy ending was great. One of those perfect date movies where you end up curled up on the couch and feeling extra in love and appreciate your sweetie.

So after Saturday, a good day in all, we elected for The Fog of War. No romance, no feeling good, some appreciation for an intelligent - very hard working individual and a bit of compassion for the decisions he made and also questioning how regretful he really was or is? The movie is a documentary about the Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara- analysis of part of the Vietnam war, involvement in WWII and the decisions to firebomb Japan, the Cuban Missile Crisis and more about the man. He was President of the Ford Motor Company, who knew? Definitely a good look back in history.

What about tonight....Sunday night, prep for the week, so we keep the movies to Friday and Saturday.

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