Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I think anyone who is a consistent blogger secrectly dreams that their blog will someday be a life changing ticket to a very cool and lucrative lifestlye- just like Jule and Julia, right? Okay maybe that is just me. Blogging is very fun, therapeutic and somehow just so much better than scribbling in a small book with a tiny lock.

So far to date... no book or movie offers have come my way. But I have met some cool people (online) that is and spent (or maybe wasted) hours reading many other cool people's blogs. Between FB and reading blogs, you can seriously kill a few hours.

You must know something did happen or why is she yammering on about this. In one of my pictures I was tri geeked out in my compression sleeves and I decided to explain this fashion trend to all the non tri-geek readers so they did not silently sit at home wondering why I had school girl knee socks and running shoes with a hot pink running skirt? Well in my description I mentioned the Zoot Compression and linked to their website....not because they sponsor me, but because they were new, I was loving them and wanted to spread the word.

Well, a few days later I receive an email from CEP asking if I was familiar with their product? I was honest, I had only just discovered them during IMSG when I 6'5" dude was wearing neon green knee socks during the marathon. At the awards I asked if he was Irish or what was the deal- he explained there were CEP and he figured why look like all the other tri geeks in white compression knee socks and go for green. Nuff said. But that was the extent of it. So she asked if I would "test" the product and write about it.....sure- it's not like she asked me to run the IMSG course again wearing them- because that would be a no, never..but to try them sure.

A product tester- now that is something I can get into. So no reviews yet since the arrived in the mail today. I am excited to wear my green compression knee socks though. I'm thinking with shorts and my Zoot recovery sandals when I am out with my teenage daughter? She would die.....I'll hold onto that as a threat for bad behavior. But seriously I am still in recovery mode so hard to test out how well they work. I can see it now, WOW great compression socks, I felt great throughout the entire 45 minutes of my run! My legs were fresh after the grueling 2 hour spin up the coast.

But the recovery is ending so the need for compression will be coming back soon! I am thinking for the calf sleeves the way to test if one brand on one leg and one on the other after a killer run. But I am not one to sugar coat my hopefully they are as good as they say or I might get fired after my one and only product testing gigs.

So CEP does claim to be different....let's listen in and hear what they have to say...

We are actually owned by Medi; one of the worlds leading medical compression companies. Every brand claims to have "Graduated" compression. Most products on the market can say this without backing it up because they're not tight enough to be medical grade. Anything below medical grade, 20mmHg, is considered over the counter and not regulated.

In order to penetrate your deep veins and target the arteries you need a specific amount of compression. One sign to look for is when a product goes by shoe size. How does the athlete know they're getting the right amount of compression? Shoe size doesn't tell the circumference of ones leg which will determine the size range to get targeted compression...

It's important for us to spread the truth about compression and that not all compression products match what they claim. We have a published medical study that shows runners had 5% better performance running in our socks and used 6% less energy. That's 10-12min in a marathon! Our socks aren't just for recovery but for performance as well. That's what makes them so great.

How many read 10-12 minutes in the marathon and clicked and ordered a pair? Seriously they could be selling them in T2 of an Ironman- take 10 minutes off your Ironman marathon....not sure how to collect payment but just an idea.

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