Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard work

So after the disaster on Saturday the plan is slow and low HR. Worked so well on Sunday I ran 1:40 and felt great- did not plan on running that long but heck it was fun and it was nice and ez.

Legs felt good Monday so must be okay. Good masters and ez run. But today, now today was different. Work is very demanding right now so I need to be at my desk or available immediately most of the day so mid day training and fun is out for now. So I am up at 5am like everyone else who works and trains and headed to UCSD to run, yes run, not swim.

Coach Terry has a look of shock on her face 1- it is 6am and 2- I am at the track not the pool. I have done maybe 1, maybe 0 track workouts in the last 2 years. But I decided to give it a go. After a nice long warm up and a few pick me ups we started on 10x90 seconds hard/60 sec recovery. Now hard for me is all relative, it took me a while to get moving and the pace was nothing stellar. But the first time out I am not interested in pulling or tearing anything that is used to moving slowly. So instead of walking or resting for the 60 I dropped to a moderate run pace. I figure my fast was not speedy fast, so my slow should not be totally slow. It was good and I felt strong and my pace on #10 was the same as #1. Now the funny part is that we then did a 1 mile, strong paced run and my pace on the mile was only 20 seconds slower than the supposed all out 90 seconds.

So bottom line....Julie has 3 speeds, Ironman, a bit faster and a bit faster. There is no sprint in these legs- well at least not yet. And boy I was tired.....60 minutes and it was a lot of hard running. So much that I put my CEP Compression sleeves on in the car to ease the rapid cramping. I gotta say...by the time I hit Starbucks the waves of cramps ceased. I need to wear them to track next time and see if I can avoid the cramps all together. Next time Zoot comes along to see how they compare.

So after working like maniac until lunch time...I was thinking about taking a lunch time spin. Hubby was home officing today and he usually does a lunch time hammer ride and asked if I wanted to ride with him. I asked what kind of ride and I am sure he said a fast one. So I get my game on and decide to make it a threshold kind of day. Off we go and I am working hard, out of the saddle on all the climbs in the hood and off we go. At one point he asks what is up with the breakneck speed? What...this was your idea? He claims no that he says he was tired of hammering... well by this time, I am having a great time- it feels good to go hard, so let's not stop. We back off bit but had solid ride and I was back at my desk totally invigorated!!!

It was awesome!!!

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  1. Sweet. Good work. Hey I got an idea....if you go to track, I'll go to track. I need a track buddy to commit to.