Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Customer Service....Xterra

Xterra Home
Xterra Home

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Now I work in the hospitality industry and am exposed to a lot of service. I have the privilege of working and traveling to 4 and 5 star hotlels and then sometimes the 3 star hotels. While luxury is wonderful, truly customer service often what makes an experience, a product etc.

So my recent wet suit mishap at IMSG was not fun. It is not Xterra's fault....the wet suit is on it's 3rd season and there were signs it was giving in. My gut said to get a new one but I was waiting on a sponsor to come through so I decided no big deal. Well as you have read from my race- I did 2 warm up swims without issue but come race day the inseam under the arm tore and it tore big.

As I learned duct tape is not waterproof nor does it really stick. Now I could claim it affected my swim and how it wrecked my race....but really I had a great swim. So maybe I was so cold it motivated me to swim harder??? who knows....

In any case after returning to SD I wrote to Xterra and asked about repair. Within minutes Keith Simmons, Fouunder and CEO wrote back personally and directed me to the local store for repair. I left without getting a loaner...I just finished Ironman SG and froze and the idea of open water was not appealing. Keith later offer to mail me one if I wanted one in the interim. Seems it need more than a minimal repair and had to be shipped off.

It's just nice to have people who respond, when you call they answer the phone and who genuinely seem to care about the customer....

disclaimer...I am not sponsored by Xterra, was not bribed or paid to do this....just want to recognize the companies who care!

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