Monday, April 27, 2009

So you know you are a tri geek when.....

the bikes on the back of your car are worth more than your car! As I picked up my new ride from bike shop after just being built and loaded it on the QX4 with my Kuota as well, I started to do the math. Yep.....bikes are more than the car indeed. Maybe I should put lo-jack on the bikes vs the car.

So the Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL is a sweet ride. Thanks to JT and Cory who were able to get the bike set up pretty darn close to my Kuota, I was able to ride on Sunday. After my previous issues with injury from a new set up I cut my 5.5 hour ride to 3.5 just to be and ease into the new bike. It felt great from the start and the SRAM Red is nice, noisier than the Dura Ace and a more definitive shifting, but worked well indeed. The cassette on the bike is an 11/23 - nice to have an extra gear on the descents but the 23 was a bear up Highland Valley Road, thinking I need to get an 11/25 before we do another 11,000ft of climbing. But all in all it went fine. Would love to be using the Zipp 404's that came on the bike, but I need and love my powertap too much so will stick with the cheap wheels. Train heavy right..... I ordered new tires today because the blue tires and the orange/white bike...please just does not do the bike justice. Although someone did comment blue/orange are the Garmin Chipotle colors- where is my argyle?????

Today is a day off......hard to do but KP called for it and things are going so well I don't want to get greedy, Greedy how.....over training, when training is going well, I and many of my sick friends, want to do more, harder, faster and pile on the time and miles. And then whamo, injury, sickness.....I am letting my body absorb the hard work, as KP put's it. And well a day off of training is good for getting more work done, errands etc and well a massage. All part of training.

Weekend was a good one......bit of lacrosse and a bit of fun. Bike took a lot of my weekend, working to get it set up, hanging at the shop to see it etc. Riley had a double header of lax, one win and one loss. Good games and as always she had a smile on her face and was running hard. JD played in Fallbrook on Friday, did not make that game, and was not back until almost 11pm, as they stayed for Varsity game. Late night for us waiting up for him to return and for Riley from a birthday party. Had to watch a movie, read and have some coffee at 7pm to ensure I was awake until 11.

Some nice family time.... stopped in at Dad and K's on Saturday to show off my new bike and managed to get invited for dinner. Funny thing when you show up at 5:30, it just works out that way. Braman was working on his monster project, kids were busy, so lucky for me. Reciprocated on Sunday with dinner in our hood. Another Paella recipe and this was received much better. Gee maybe because it had chicken and bacon vs just veggies. Maybe Sunday will be our Paella down from now until we got to Spain, how many variations can I make. I particularly like the one dish dinner option. Well I lied, we are wholeheartedly on blackberry kick. I cannot buy enough, Every night we have a bowls of blackberries, strawberries and bananas and each night we run out. So the next night, I make a bigger bowl and the next time, the spoon is scraping the bowl and the kids are asking more more.... could be worse, it could be cookies

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