Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IM Training....

So the week of recovery is over and we are 10 weeks from Ironman CdA and time to step up the training.

Monday was a long swim- 4500 yards and a 1 hour bike ride, nothing too serious. Today, started with another swim 4000 meters and then a 90 minute run. Between the swim and run, we paid a visit to the CPA, nothing like the last minute, to get a few final questions answered and then home to run. I decided to do a long trail run and ended up running up Black Mountain. Love the view from the top, all the way to the ocean on a clear day. Today....well it was windy and cold and threatening rain. It is April right????? Feels like December. Run was great until last 15 minutes and I was bonking......ugh, not a fun way to finish. So what happens when we bonk, we are sooo low on calories so upon arrival at home the eating began. Oh my....started out well with Vegetable/Pasta Soup and whole wheat crackers. Not satisfied so moved to the Animal Cookies - they are organic and not minimal processing, not too bad. But then the downhill slide began as I raided the kids Easter Baskets! Yes, jelly beans and malted eggs.

Finally satiated I am not overwhelmed with fatigue.....Work, right I have to get some work done to continue to support this highly expensive habit of triathlon. What to do, coffee!!!! Yes and I am good to go. Power out some work, 25 prospecting calls and then I have to, just have to take a nap. Power nap of 20 minutes and all is good.

I helped with a team LAX dinner at the high school for JD's team and for Varsity as well. Pizza, Caesar Salad and brownies, rice krispie treats etc.....Watching 50 + boys blow through 20 XL Pizza's, 7 salads and a cooler of gatorade and water in about 15 minutes is something to marvel at. Few boys showed many manners, very sad indeed, but the ones that did were quite endearing and much appreciated.

Looking at the clock....it is 8:10 and I am ready for bed. My kids are doing homework and my husband is giving a geometry lesson.... I may just have to slink by and go to bed.

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