Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling good.....

So either the Power Meter is off or my legs are finally rested! Fantastic ride today and it was all easy and was so nice. Bike it tuned up and race wheels are on and it felt great. The lingering fatigue seems to be going away and my cold is 95% gone. So all should be good by race day.

Tapering is such a funny thing.....I so look forward to it and then struggle with it. Less training, extra time, time to worry that maybe I have not done enough. so used to eating all the time, getting enough calories and now with less training, need less calories, but my body wants to eat the same. All the worrisome thoughts.....don't gain weight before the race, that is just extra weight to carry for 5 hours, but am I getting enough fuel this week.....ah it is crazy!

Weather seems like it will be good! No rain....was really windy today and if is like that Sunday could be quite a day on the back side of Pendleton. So the other dilemma is what to wear.....since my sponsorship, more later, just came through I do not have a race uniform. All my race gear is the Her Sports from last year and seems weird to wear that, but then don't want to lay down $$ for one race. So I think I will be a mix matched, sacrifice some fashion for some common financial sense.

The cool news is the Erin Baker Cookies called and offered me a spot on their Triathlon Team! 24 people in the US and I am really excited. Most of the team raced in Kona last year so I better get a move on and qualify!!! Seems like a great team and I look forward to meeting the liaison for the team tomorrow at the expo tomorrow when I race. I will surely be outfitted and part of the deal is that we ride I will be forced to buy a new bike (at a wicked good deal...) How exciting is that! The team will be great and I am honored to have been selected. My husband definitely raised his eyebrow about the bike.....surely thinking, " great you get sponsored and you spend more money???" That's how it works babe!

Going to get in the Ocean tomorrow, better take a dip before race day......yikes, I think the water is 60. Going to be chilly, but then again it always is for this race and I have survived.

Off to bed, gotta store up the sleep now.

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