Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oceanside 70.3 2014... not the best but not the worse

well it was not the day I hoped for but with some perspective I can accept it for what it was.

race week was sketchy, but I have experienced that before, so I did not want to make any race day assumptions based on how I felt.  I was tired, took a few naps, legs were heavy- as in fatigue going up stairs, never had the spring in my step, had major lingering neck pain from the near car/bike crash 3 weeks ago,  It was a struggle...but you never know what will happen race day.

this year was different, with 14 of my athletes racing, the day was not just about me. race week was reviewing plans, talking with my athletes, planning and prepping and I loved the distraction and was nervous and excited for each of them as well.

i decided to rent a room in oceanside to make race am easy. it worked out well as my mom was able to join me. we had a great friday with dropping my stuff in t2, finding a great local pizza place with thin crust pizza to order. dinner was over 7 and mom says now what?  bed time... i bought her a glass of wine and she took an ambien  lights out 8pm.  have not had a sleep over with mom in a while and it was special especially since we were not in a hospital. 

up at 4am with my 1.5 almond butter and honey sandwiches, 1 banana + almond butter (500 calories) and 2 cups of really crappy coffee.  mom was wide awake asking me every 5 minutes, have you eaten?  just like being 7 years old again.

around 4:30 les texted me saying she and jim are in the parking lot hanging out- so I say come on up. party in our room at 5.  fun racing with friends.

we rolled out around 5 and stopped in t2 and rode our bikes to t1 in the dark. i was having fun with friends and i was  not really worried about my race.  got racked and set up and then went to find my athletes - i found most, gave hugs and then settled in on my race .

gina and i scouted out the swim and i went to the end of the jetty to watch the pros - i  was confused about the orange buoys-  do they all have to be on  my left? or just the red buoys ?  i watched the paddlboarder turn a pro back to keep orange on the left,  I asked 4 officials and said yes orange on the left and 2 said red only on the left.  crap.... what to do?  i ended up taking all orange on my left and swam long.... red only were race rules, but being unclear an risking a penalty or dq was not in my plan.

swim: 27:49  i was sure i had a 25+ in me and not sure what happened - swam hard, went a bit wide and had a LOT of caps to swim over,  it seemed more congested than in years past. please please if you are racing a 70.3 and want to do breastroke please do not swim in the main part of the couse!  i  felt good and was out...running NOT WALKING  as sooo many were into T1- they really need a walking mat and a running mat.  i started my "on your left" "on your left"  in and out and on the bike

bike: 2:43:40 (3 min off my pr)  my legs were not there, power was not here. 1st 20 miles (in years past I have had to really hold back) and this year i could not hit my target power,  I gave up stressing and just rode... 1st climb i started to go hard (to make up my deficit) and 3 min into the climb i dialed it back ( i know better) Coach even saw it on my power file- 3 min of threshold + power and then a fall off, yes that was deliberate, I rode with what I had and it was not 100%.  last 10 miles I lifted power, lifted HR and felt the best I did all day- definite sign of fatigue meaning it took me 2 hours to warm up.  nutrition 3x 22 oz bottle.  2 x  180 calories Ignite IN Carb + refresh. 1: Refresh only.  1.5 bonk breaker- total calories: 725.

run: 1:49:24 (7 min slower than my last oceanside)  i ran as coach said, 1st 2 miles by feel
(looking back too fast ) but I went out and tried to hold on.   all was ok, except i had not peed since 7am.  I always pee at least once on the bike.   by mile 4 the pain settled in crap not mile 8, but mile 4.  so i started ticking off 1 mile at a time and it was a slow death.  it was painful and not fun but every time i saw a friend, family or athlete i was able to smile and wave, it was painful, have i mentioned how painful it was,  and dark but that is what racing is sometimes.  mile 7 les blew by me and she was on fire- as much as i wanted it to be my day, i'm glad she had her day. the chick the ran by me a 12.7- ugh...but she was on fire, i was dying and well so be it.  4th place. 5:05:17-  almost 7 minutes slower than my last oceanside.  nutrition was not good- 2x ignite gels and not sure about liquids. could not get any coke, seems i was to ask for cola.  did not fuel well on the run...#toooldtobemakingrookiemistakes

i finished and was thrilled to see my mom, riley, thao and so many other friends..... the tears of frustration were put away and i was happy to have so many who love me there to cheer me on.  and then it was about my other athletes, finding them, seeing them finish.  the day flew by and it was awards.... always honored to be on the podium and the 70.3 Worlds Slot to Trem Blanc rolled down so I took it.

all in all the day was amazing...after reviewing the race in detail with my coach I have perspective  I did not run from September 8th- Jan 15th-  so really 9 weeks of running...hard to expect a lot coming off the bike. i of course can hope but realistically know better.  When I started working with Chris the goal was Ironman Whistler July, Oceanside B race and a test.   so I will take it for what it was,

nutrition/hydration was an issue - i did not pee until 5:30 pm and i ended up calling urgent care - blood in urine is not a good thing.  flooded my body with nuun and the floodgates opened up and i was up every hour but that was ok.

so we move on, keep building and work towards wildflower x3 and really Ironman Whistler.

I am so thankful for my devoted family, all the nytro girls out cheering and the HERev girls cheering too!! fun times and i really really love my SD friends.. and a huge congrats to my friends that rocked it...les, amy, erin!  tremendous races ladies!

oceanside is a touch race, with tough competition but to race locally with family, friends, TCSD is the best- even on a really tough day.  I appreciate all the words of encouragement out there!

and i am proud of all my athletes- some had good days, some struggled, but they all persevered and finished - i hope they all had moments of joy and are stronger athletes today!

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