Friday, August 9, 2013

Parenting teenagers is so.....

Yes I will leave that blank for now..... 

A day in the life of parenting teenagers.  Work day - alarm goes off LOUD- so loud I jump from my office( which is downstairs) .  But when you roll in at 12 or 2 am and have to be up at 7:30 well I guess you need LOUD.  Soon there after is a loud thump out of bed followed by a shower that uses 10x the water I use in a week.  If John is home he will bang on the door or the ceiling.... message get the F out. "huh?"  Soon followed by a mad dash to get out of the house...late, late.. "where are my keys?" "Of F forgot my bathing suit.." etc. sheer panic and barely awake.  I calmly sit in my office digging my nails into my hands, grinding my teeth  waiting for them to tear out of the house for work safely without running over a neighborhood dog or worse.    And the house is quiet again...

After work- heavy, heavy sighs and complaints about their ever so stressful 4-6 hour work day at the Country Club.  I empathize about how hard it is while grinding my teeth and digging my nails into my already bloodied hands. and they should feel good about working.  

The late afternoon is either downtime Xbox game playing, Netflix or a nap   or more likely out of here ASAP to "chill", "hang"  With curfews of 12 and 2 I can be assured that each will roll in in 11:59 and 1:59 (maybe "I am an adult after all - why do I need a curfew"....  dont get me started on the definition of an adult - it is not being 18!)

I am generally a tired triathlete  and like/hope to be in bed by 9... which usually works but then I have an alarm for 11:55 (is R home?) and 1:55 ( is JD home ) if I'm lucky I sleep a few hours, toss and turn until the kids are home. Finally after the kids are in I hope for REM sleep- until 5 when my day usually starts.  Although when R is out and about I get texts with her updating me on her location... Sometimes hourly- sigh.  Sleep is disruptive to say the least. 

The battle of will you be here for dinner? Response "why?"  We'll it would be nice to see you - "why?" You are my kid and I have not had a conversation that was not over texting in days.  "Why again?"  ... " ok If you really want me to.  What is the latest I can be home and when can I go out again?"   I swear there was a time my kids were clingy, hanging on me all the time, mommy, mommy, mommy... And all I wanted was a few minutes of peace.. well now if I am lucky a few minutes of conversation- once a week.  Now I get to text them freely and with bribery of food maybe have a fave to face dinner once a week.  

They do clean up ( although being at home only 8 hours a day - sleeping) does not allow for much messing up. They will do chores when asked, or texted I should say. The familiar note on the counter is passé (and goes unread) 

We are off to Caples Lake in Tahoe for 5 days in a lakefront cabin with no cell coverage and limited wi-fi so am hoping for the best.  Packing cards  and a few games...#imissmykids 

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