Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter San Diego style

San Diegans are cold weather wimps for sure....but we are having our share of cold weather.  Lows in the 30's and highs barely over 60.  For us that is darn cold but very tolerable.  It is kind of fun running in tights, gloves and a beanie.  Mako and I are doing just fine.  The pool is 82 so that is awesome as well. We headed out to Ocotillo ( my least favorite part of San Diego the S2) for the Stagecoach Century ride last week...okay so the picture is blurry but what I am capturing is snow...yes snow on the Cajon pass.   It was 22 degrees and we are headed to ride...why, why?  Because Ironman Los Cabos is in 9 weeks.

It was 39 at the start and breezy - cold wind.  We had so many clothes on that I could not find my phone for a photo.  KP, Amy, Andy, John and I took off and we hit it hard due to the cold.  And by mile 20 I was still cold and my legs felt like crap.  So I am 4 days back from Cambodia (after 2 weeks off training) and I cannot get my mojo.  Swims are slow, runs are painful and power is so low it is crazy- coupled with ridiculous heart rates and I am not feeling well.  Early on I decided to just ride..... but it was a struggle- long and cold and tiring.  NOT a confidence building ride for IM.

Got it run off the bike and we had to go rescue John at mile 86 who hammered the 1st 50 and was paying the piper. The text I got was " either come and pick me up for be prepared to wait a few hours"  Considering it was close to 3:00 and we had a 90 min drive home, we went and picked him up. 

So after that day....KP said back off.  It is so hard to consider since I feel like I have not been training but rationally struggling through every workout does not make sense.  I am guessing the jet lag was just killer for me - disrupted sleep and long travel.  So I dialed it back Mon- Friday and did base training type stuff. Did not look at my gamin for running or for power on rides.  Just could not deal with the data....and funny by Thursday I noticed that "spring" in my legs. When I came to a hill I could respond... so I held back and rolled into the weekend.

BTW this blog has taken me over a week to write...I am sick of it :)  Bottom can be exhausting, coupled with 2 weeks off and training does not come right back.  Ultimately I think it was that my blood volume was low due to lack of training, add jet lag and I just had to be patient and not force it.  We are generally in touch with our bodies enough to know when something is not right- whether it be the beginning of an injury, illness or fatigue.  The key is to take heed and early action (or less action in this case - REST) can stave off  a bigger problem.

So I can happily report 2 weeks post Cambodia I am finally feeling 100%!

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