Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Iromnan train rolling....

Last week was a much needed recovery week...until Sunday and that began an 8 day block of running, running, biking. running and swimming.  Run focus.... Nailed a 2 hour trail run with Mako on Sunday and started the week off well.  Rolled into a long swim Monday.  Ran 5 miles early Tuesday and then knocked out a tough 3:30 East County ride on 5500ft of climbing all before 11am- Riding with Noko and Rachel (who has a wicked light road bike- I was so jealous)...we rolled into the parking lot at 10:50- I showered (sort of) in the Starbucks bathroom and put on a dress, combed my hair, grabbed a coffee and was at a meeting my 11:30 and a lunch apppointment by 12:30 (absolutely famished I must add) Now that is a solid day!!! 

Wednesday I taught 2 lessons at Ventura Cove at 6:30 and 7:00 and it was beautiful...glassy water and great fun!  And I had already done my run at 5am with Mako.  I woke up today at 3- totally awake and could not go back to sleep.  Up and 4am and hammered out an hour of work, run with Mako and at Ventura Cove by 6:30,

2 awesome lessons....both of these guys have made HUGE improvements - how? they practice 3-4 times a week and do the drills and dont focus on the "right" masters lane- they are committed to change and not watching the clock. But the cool thing is when he did watch the clock he was 10-15 seconds faster per 100.  Why.....he allowed his fitness to drop a bit, focused on drills, technique and it putting it all together.  I was elated...seeing the improvement in these guys.  And watching them swim in the OW is outstanding....we are adding sighting to the lesson- saving time already,

After the lesson met Rachel at the Cove and it looked a bit wavy....holy cow about 1/4 mile out we looked and saw swells....big swells that appeared to be breaking in the middle of the cove- and right on they did.  We had to dive under the swell in 20+ ft of water and let them go over us.  They rolled across and into the was wild. The rest of the swim was choppy, wavy, kelpy, grassy and well just not that fun.....but got it done!!!

4 days down and 4 to go.....:) more freshening and then off to Boulder Camp!!!

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