Wednesday, June 27, 2012

At sea level

Landing in San Diego on Sunday was was 72 degrees and breezy.  As soon as I stepped outside I noticed my headache of 9 days was gone...totally gone. Not masked with ibuprofin but gone.  They say when you are suffering from altitude sickness that really the only way to get better is to go lower....well hard to do then in Colorado.  

Nice that JD was there to pick me up and I was really excited to go home....10 days is a long time away.  I was worried that Mako would have forgotten me after all that time, but he greeted me with such elation, full body wiggle, peed all over the floor and was whining and whining.   It was so heartwarming...he followed me about giving me kisses off and on.   Hard to top that but John was there with open arms and a clean house - he is a good guy! 

Plan was to rest and relax....but we decided to go to Kristen's get together for the Nytro Team- so it was shower, change, walk the dogs, make a salad and off we went.  Was fun to see most of the team....they all raced San Diego Intl, which I missed due to the fact I was sucking wind and struggling through a race in Loveland, CO killing it at my race in CO.   Fun times and I was ready to head home...

Accomodations in Boulder were superb at my sis's house...but nothing like being home in our bed with Mako snuggled up next to me.  Slept better than I had all week.  No alarm, not place to be and I was up at 6:30 and was elated to put on a sweatshirt to walk the dogs.  Back in our, long walk and then settled into work.  Monday was a planned day off of training, but I could not forget what Julie Dibbens said- 25K a week was eager to swim so I headed to the pool for an unstructured swim and felt surprisingly good.  

So far this week has been is mellow, enjoyed and AM at Ventura Cove doing some Open Water Swim Lessons- truly an amazing way to start the day.  Easing back into training with ride with Noko Tuesday and a solid Ironman swim workout today. I am feeling great..not wrecked from the camp and eager to nail another block of training before it's taper time. 

Enjoying some great time with JD and RM...hanging out, shopping and prepping for R's 16th birthday. Tomorrow is her party - we have a bungalow at the Paradise Point and her 6 besties will join us for a day at the pool/beach and a night at the resort-  the girls will spend the day chilling, tanning and having fun.  I'll come back with dinner, cake and then we will do a bonfire with s'mores....they can have the bungalow but I will be next door.   Family party is Friday.... fun week in store for us!!!!

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