Sunday, June 17, 2012

Swim.Bike.Run Repeat...welcome to camp!

Welcome dinner tonight!  22 campers and 7 coaches met at Gordo's house for a Whole Foods dinner! Fuel for champions....Quinoa, grilled chicken, grilled veggies, salad, guac and chips and lots of water.   Mechanic on hand for a once over on the bikes.... good idea!  Relaxed dinner on the deck on a hot night- high of 95 today. 

Some legends among us....Gordo, Chuckie V, Justin Daerr, Marilyn McDonald...and the list goes on. And some serious campers in their real life ....3 medical Dr's, 1 surgeon, PT, 3 big time dudes from Hollywood, TV producers and the likes, few CFO's.... and some peeps that look ripped, fit and fast.   Deep breath.... Common denominator- we all and everyone was really nice. I am not intimidated    We are all here to work hard, get faster, make new friends and well get faster.

We roll tomorrow at 7:15 (B group) and 7:45 (A group).... and we climb for 20+ miles to 10,000 ft and turn around and come back...gulp!   Having no idea which group is right- I am opting for the B group-  don't want to be hanging on for dear life on day 1 of camp.  

I am not at all  sort of acclimated to the altitude after a killer swim workout with Julia in Denver yesterday  followed by a 90 minute run with an av HR of 159 and a pace that was painfully slow altitude affected.  KP said don't look at the pace, so I did not.  And today was about chillin in Boulder....(we must move here one day) with my sis and family, a trip to the pool for some fun with the nieces and trying to relax.  Went for a 90 min ride and was just dying to keep going,....but think camp will kick my ass camp will be a challenge as is.

Camp Coaches advice:
1- this is YOUR camp go at your own pace
2- don't try and lose weight- eat to train and train well-
3- water, water, water... and sunscreen
4- when you ride your bike make decisions as if you were in a car- ie: stop signs, lights etc
5- be safe- ride single file and NO ipods holy crap what I do... who rides with an iPod?
6- major descending tomorrow - tips from Marilyn McDonald (ex pro cyclist and current pro- Triathlete)
   - pressure on the outside pedal and inside bar
   - determine your speed BEFORE the turn- feather the front brake and use the back and the ride the turn
   - look where you want to go NOT where you are going
   - relax
   - descending is a SKILL that CAN be learned by all

1 day a time, pace myself and HAVE FUN!  Off to bed..rolling at 6:45 to get to the meeting spot at 7:15. 

Just finished making sure my athletes are set for the week!  Training plans done- weeks reviewed and off toe bed!

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