Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Ironman Train....

Survived Saturday's ride thanks to coke and chips!   Sunday was a trail run... off and on issues with my dang foot- the one I sliced open in November with the broken plate- something seriously happened as the injury comes and goes and it has come again.... but the run was successful and with pancakes and an ice bath I was ready for the 2nd half of the day.  Farmers Market... yuuum and Jen's baby shower.  So much fun!  She is adorable and beaming with all the good pregnancy hormones.

I am so excited for them and just stunned to think it was nearly 17 years ago for me....really, really am I that old?  Ugh- yes.  The shower was great run and thanks to the Daubner's for hosting-  but you could see the wiped out, over trained triathletes vs the young parents who have a balance in life now.  The tired kids (me being one, ate, hung out, cleaned up and left) meanwhile the young parents and kids were swimming.  This is why you don't have kids at 45...well my siblings did but not me.  

Monday was a well earned and appreciated recovery day and then the train began..... swim and run, swim and GWL + Descanso in the heat- okay not the 110+ degrees in Tulsa, but close to 90 and hot, hairdryer hot- eyes drying out hot, water is hot hot, and so hot and dry there is really no sweat on the descents hot- and this is nothing...not 110 Vegas hot, but we are easing into the heat.  Today was another swim- 12,000 yards in 3 days and I am feeling it- Wednesday swim was a hard one and today was, well not so hard!   Mid week runs on the treadmill to monitor the foot and so far so good!

Wednesday was a classic day....up at 5- 1 hour solid work and hit the pool,  post swim 30 min email over coffee and a bagel ( yes full carbs), long ride., shower in Starbucks post ride and "cleaned" up, 2 conference calls while driving to Oceanside for a 1:30 lunch and meeting, 30 min at Starbucks to review 2 contracts, Acupuncture, 2 more calls and then a few hours of work in the evening.  Dinner of champions: corn from Farmers Market, fresh tomatoes from neighbors garden with olive oil, balsamic and feta and a huge bowl of fresh strawberries...stunning colors and such good food!

Thursday more swimming and running and really busy work day with a coffee date with dad and a smashing evening at dog beach!. John and JD surfing and Zen and I played in the waves as the sun was setting.... another summer fresh dinner and it's almost Friday! 

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