Thursday, November 18, 2010

on the road again....

Erin Baker Team in Kona

bags are packed I'm ready to go.... lots of songs running through my head this morning.  It seems like just yesterday I was all packed and ready to go to Ironman, okay well maybe it was 5 weeks ago.  Race wheels off, race wheels on.  Racing close together is great in some ways as you remember all the stuff you need, where it is and know it is in good condition. 

My bike had a check up thanks to James at Nytro, seriously the guy is awesome. Always willing to help and is fast and thorough.  New bar tape- more pimped out orange and new tires.  Not taking any chances after hearing about all the debris on the roads in Temps.

Thanks a million to Trevor for driving K2 to the race so I can fly with my massive bags.  So we are road tripping for a week post IM so I had to pack for a week of regular life, but seriously that bag is pretty small in compared to the overwhelming race duffel bag.  How can all that race gear be so frickin heavy.  And I keep adding in this and that and well, let's just say thank goodness the bag has wheels. 

I am honestly really looking forward to racing and am not nervous.  It will be what it will be.   I definitely recovered from Kona, hopefully added a bit of fitness, lost fitness from the taper and recovery, so hard to say where I am physically right now.  Nothing to be done but race....I am thinking of going hard and seeing what happens- if I blow up, well lesson learned it was too hard.  If my legs don't respond then I will back off.  My foot is the only concern, the incision is fine, I think closed up but I cannot see it through the steri-strips.  But I developed plantar fasciitis by altering my running gate and wow it hurts. So I am hoping it has 26 miles in it and then it will have a well deserved break.

This trip will be fun...dinner tonight with KP, Frank (good buddy from NY) and Mimi and tomorrow with the Erin Baker Team which is always and awesome bunch. I am sharing a room, usually a huge no-no for me (I hardly sleep with my husband pre race) but I am looking forward to spending time with Darcy.  So it's really a weekend away, hanging out with my friends and a big day of training on Sunday!!

And then...time off, relax and road trip with the family. John and kids arrive Saturday so I will see them out there on the course!!!

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