Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beware in the kitchen.....

Okay so after months of training for Ironman....I manage my worst injury in the f'ing kitchen. Okay that little bike crash 4 week before Kona was not maybe this is about the same. This wins for how the heck did that happen....I am making dinner, the good domestic that I am, for JD as he has practice and is eating early. I tap, I mean tap (accidentally) the plate against the granite counter top and it frickin shatters in my hands... I am more worried about the grilled cheese burning than the china fragments.  I feel a wet -pooling sensation in my flip flop and look down to see blood running from my thigh and seriously gushing out of my foot. 

Holy S.  I get a rag and wipe it off and it is bleeding....I bandage my leg and the tape up the gash on my foot.  I am determined to get food on the table and as I am walking around something does not feel right.  It's like my skin is moving around in a not so normal way.  I am now on my 6th band aid and looking for my 7th.    I am beginning to think I may need more than a box of band aids and a roll of duct tape. 

I call my neighbor (who is a nurse) and she nicely comes down and when I take off the bandages, I kid you not, the blood squirts in the air.  Ummm...even I know this is a problem.  Seems I have sliced down through all the skin to the fascia.   So I re bandage, put on a cloth and wrap tightly in duct tape, add ice and off to Urgent Care.

I arrive at the perfect time and the fact I am bleeding moves me up in the triage order.  So the Dr sees me and unwraps the mess and we are chatting away about running, triathlon and all is good.  Meanwhile she is filling a big needle and I am not really paying attention. Soon there are 2 nurses at my side and I am feeling really special with all this attention....until I realize they are here to hold me down as the puts that long, pointy needle into my very sore and bleeding cut.  She casually says if I can handle Ironman I can handle this.....gulp!  Okay, I did without screaming. 

Bottom line.... I nicked a vein and she took care of that and then stitched up the ankle tight- 5 stitches and she said it may not be pretty but it will hold. Somehow she knew my foot modeling days are over and the likelihood of me riding and running soon were high.  She says I can ride and run as pain! No swimming for 7-10 days!  Yeah I hate swimming, boo I am thinking about racing IMAZ. Hmmmm.  All is well and I head home.

I am thinking not a big deal, I lay out my running clothes for the AM and head to bed.  Sometime around 12-1am the Lidocane wore off and holy hurt to lay down and the idea of walking let along running was out of the picture.   Anyway.... painful getting up but it did loosen up with movement, ice and ibuprofen. 

My cycling shoes hit just below the stitches!  Cool, so I went for a spin to test it out.  As I rode it felt better - unclipping was not fun, nor was climbing, but it was mostly flat and felt good to be out in the sun!   After the ride, the aching set and swelling set in. Maybe a bit much - naaa, Dr said it was ok. We had to bail on our Halloween Party as I needed to ice and keep my foot up!

Had a very fun movie night with JB and RM!  Watched The Girl Who Played with Fire.  Love, love the film as much as I loved the books.  Cannot wait to see the 3rd movie.  JD was off somewhere.... now that he is driving. I'm just sayin.

Saturday was supposed to be a long run...ha!  I made it 2 steps and ouch, ouch, ouch.  Pouring rain so lacrosse tryouts cancelled so RM and I headed to the gym.  Nothing like 90 min on the Elliptical- I only do that darned machine when I am injured and cannot run...only consolation is that there was TV and it was great fun to watch Law and Order reruns while sweating and stepping up and down.   Peet's was our reward....not such a bad day after all!

Sunday was a long, flat ride....usually I really despise these rides but with JB and KP we had an awesome time and worked hard, a bit harder than planned, at least for me anyway.  But all good in the world of Ironman training and the weather was sensational....70 and blue skies!  Nothing like summer in November.

And since this post has now taken days....Ill just end it and post it now!

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