Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tired of me complaining.....

If you are tired of hearing about how tired I am then skip this blog.....because this is more about me winging (nice Aussie word for whining) BUT I am on the right track....finally!

Okay so we know my legs are fried, SB Tri was horrible for me and I am just not myself.  I have cancelled workouts in the last few weeks, eased off long rides all in the hope that I would feel better. But no....So KP called me Sunday after SB and I explained why I did so poorly and he listened and then finally let  me have it ( in a good way) He told me in no uncertain terms I am tired, over trained and in a big hole.  Now it is critical that I get rest or Kona will be much like SB.  He reminded me that a drive up to SB and a sub par race is not a big deal but hello this is Kona.  He was great and I listened and had another restless night.

Monday I woke up depressed, tired and trying to figure out what to do.  Light went on, check in the mail and I have a coach again.   What a relief...within hours he had analyzed all I had done (thankfully I kept track of all my training) and a plan is in place.  Here is where it gets hard- the plan begins with 4 days off.  Holy crap, 4 whole days - that is like after racing Ironman, yes, that is where my body thinks it is.  Okay....made it through day 3 and I don't like this.  But the bigger picture is there is a plan for the next 6 weeks but the plan begins with getting whole again and until that happens nothing else happens.  

This is the time, EVERYONE racing in Kona is piling on the miles and building for a great race ( well I think so anyway) and I am resting.  But I have to take a step backward before I can go forward.   I do know that plowing along and piling on training is NOT the answer but this is a huge leap of faith.  But well, I have faith in KP. I have raced well under his coaching so I just hope he can fix what I messed up.  

After my 4 days is it a lot of active recovery, 1 hour swim, 45 min bike and 30 minute run every day. For how many days? Not sure the schedule only goes until Sunday. Then we evaluate and tackle the next week.  I do know I will have a  "steep taper" New for me...that means a short taper- reserved for those who are under trained, lack the time for volume or those like me who are resting the the key weeks I should be training.  Oh boy...this is all new. 

But I have to say I am feeling better - after fluctuating from being starving and not able to eat enough, to not waning to eat to sleeping 9+ hours to sleeping 4+ hours....I slept well last night and woke up feeling pretty good. Depressed Training Peaks says DAY OFF (note the all caps - I think he may be yelling at me)  But I am embracing that the day off is part of the training.  Well- works for me right now anyway.  

I also realize that I am climbing back into my solo training cave.... partially because my Saturdays are now filled with X Country for Riley and soccer for JD but also because I need to follow my plan and well I get sucked into others training and love it - but not what I need right now. 

So one day at a time and I look forward to Thursday!!!!  


  1. I can imagine this is super hard for you, but I think in about 2 weeks you're going to be writing about how great you feel. :)

  2. you're not alone! i've been injured since the beginning of august and kona is approaching...just take it day by day!!