Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life is good....

Oh yeah....back in control and feeling good. Amazing how great it feels to sleep well and not be thoroughly exhausted.  4 days off was hard!  But done and since then have been following my KP's plan very obediently.  1 hour swim, 1 hour ride and 30 min run.  Each day.... well yesterday I got to run 45 minutes.  Each day my resting HR is lower and my legs feel better.  So interesting how we can be so used to the fatigue that settles and just live with it.   Going up and down the stairs is not painful and each day I am holding back.

So now I am ready and eager the last block before Kona....not sure when that starts but hopefully soon.

Rest of life has been terrific. JD turned 16 over the weekend and we had a great dinner on Friday with the family. I think the highlight may have been him driving to dinner in Dad's BMW.

 Early night for us all as both kids were up at 6am. JD for a soccer tournament and Riley for her first XCountry meeting.  I went with Riley knowing JD at games all weekend. She did fantastic in her first race - finished in the top 1/3 and more importantly with a huge smile on her face and a surge at the end passing a whole group of people.  1.65 miles.  I love the running community and am so excited for her.  I of course got my run in while they were warming up!

Rest of the weekend was soccer and a good one at that!  JD's team won the tournament, 2nd tournament win this summer.  Fun to watch and Riley came to all the games so we had some great time together.

Monday...holiday and we like that.  Kids were saddled with homework so it was a quite day. I took my CPR class, gearing up for my USAT (USA Triathlon) Certification course this weekend and started on my homework.  Gotta get that done- it is really fun.  I am writing mock training plans for sample athletes.  Will see how I do.

And since this post took me 3 days.....a new week has started and training is back to normal this week.....yeah!  More volume and increasing intensity!! . Feels good when I am feeling good.

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