Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I vividly remember going to brunch 16 years ago when I was 5 months pregnant with JD. We were at the Marriott downtown with my in-laws. My sister-in-law had a 7 year old and we were with my ex's parents. As we walked in they were giving all the Mom's a flower. They handed me one, seeing the tremendous belly, that was forming and I remember hesitating. I am not a mom yet, what if I take the flower and lose the any case, hard to believe here we are 16 years later.

We had a wonderful morning....plan was to get up and go swim with some friends at the cove at 8. Well we went to a party last night (yes IM is over) and did not go to bed until 11 (which for me is late, really late) but since I was meeting people I set my alarm and got up at 7. I stumbled downstairs only to realize my wetsuit was at Xterra for repair after Ironman. Okay so now I am tired and the idea of swimming in 62 degree water without a wetsuit is well.....not going to happen. So I texted my swim buddies and went back to bed. And get this...slept until 8:45- that is like noon for most, considering 7am is late for me. It was awesome! And Zen was good to his mommy and let me sleep.

Went for a short run and yes....I am feeling normal again. Slow 30 min run and legs feel good. No big plans for training but nice to feel somewhat normal.
And then we had brunch with Mom and Billy at the "club" Nothing like a buffet for a 15 year old boy...he got his moneys worth and more. We had a great morning and and I am so thankful to have such terrific kids and to be able to share Mothers Day with the worlds greatest Mom!

And I am thankful my kids know and love their Granny so much.

We clean up pretty well.....even though I had on jeans which is a big no-no. Come on these are nice jeans and cost more than my other pants- but the CClub has a policy, riff raff has to sit outside. You think I would learn, when I was in college we spent one Christmas in Boston and Mom wanted to take us to High Tea at the Four Seasons but we had to settle for the Hyatt because I had on jeans. I guess at 20 it make sense but at 43 well....maybe not. But really they are nicer than the other pants I had one :)

No golf today.....just eating and drinking mimosa's.

Papa is grateful Riley will fill the dessert plate for 2.

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  1. You have a beautiful family!! Happy Mother's Day to you!! Thanks for sharing :-)