Sunday, May 9, 2010

More IM SG

So when we drove to SG we used the TomTom nav system of TB's. He plugged in the address and we drove and drove. We are now in SG and winding through neighborhoods to find our condo. The TT announces you are here....and we nearly died. This front yard is gravel filled and decorated with an eclectic array of yard art. As is turns out this was not our house but we had to go back and take pictures.... because it was oh so special.

Cactus Mailbox anyone?

Trevor and some of the classic yard art
Personally I liked the bear
This just maybe our Christmas card....
And the eagle....tears me up- the patriotism of it all

Side note about outfits. 1- Trevor is not a Prima Ballerina- he is sporting his compression tights. And I am not in some wacked out school girl costume with knee socks. Running skirt and compression calf sleeves. For the non tri-geeks viewing this. The compression gear helps to accelerate blood flow and aids in recovery. Believe it or not my rockin Zoot calf sleeves make a huge difference- they take the aching and cramping away.

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  1. Love it!! I am here in Nevada for a couple weeks and here on the Naval Base there is gravel everywhere in place of grass. Cool Desert Decorations.......