Thursday, July 30, 2009

La Jolla Cove

Woohoo......after a successful short swim Monday I decided to head to the cove for a swim this morning. No flip turns out in the big blue. Perfect day, totally flat, no swells and clear up to 10+ feet. The water is 74 degrees and beautiful. I was one of the few in a wet suit, but well....I am a triathlete. It was wonderful, only pain was getting the wet suit on and getting into the water, as soon as I was swimming it was great. Felt so good and the water was heaven. Plan was to swim to .5 mile buoy and then turn back. It was so nice I kept going toward the shores. There were so many people swimming and kayaking it was great. I was nearly to the shores and checked my watch, 20 minutes.....thought, hmmm 1st real swim in 5 weeks, should probably turn around. I did and by the .25 mile buoy coming back my arms were a bit fatigued indeed. So sad how quickly the fitness goes away, but the swim was awesome!! I was so excited I had to call KP. Yeah, I am back swimming, biking and running- since Kona is only 10 weeks away I need to be doing all 3.

One more reason to love San Diego.....I forget how awesome the Cove is. The last time I swam there was in March it was so darn cold, my lips were blue and I shivered for 15 minutes after getting out of the water- no so much to love there. But summer time- love it, love it!

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