Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Le Cap D'Adge

Great night sleep and we awoke to a lot of commotion...loud speakers (all in French) announcing various tidbits about the Tour, of which I get about every 3rd word. The city is packed with people streaming in and about, excited to see the Tour and what it brings.

Went for a beautiful run along the path the parallels the beach. The weather here is the nicest so far, the humidity is gone (due to our location on the Med) There were lots and lots of runners and casual cyclists along the path. The parking lots are packed with the 220 press vehicles. caravan (which are cars, floats and crazy motorcycles with coffee cups, gummi bears and the like)

Could not find the team buses...perhaps they are in hiding. Feeding the troops and going to head out on our bikes to find the teams and fix our location for the start. The official start is 5K from the beach and all roads are closed going in and out of the city, so it will be tricky, but we will see what we can do.

Showers in Europe are quite interesting....most are handheld and so small you cannot really turn around effectively. The other interesting component is that there is always one bottle or pump in the shower that is multi purpose, whatever the liquid, it is meant for shampoo, soap and any other washing you may need. Lotion is non existence and the soap/shampoo/face soap is so drying you hands frequently stick together in the shower. Funny things we are accustomed to in the US and get away and realize are very US. Most hotels have pumps and no small plastic bottles, certainly more environmentally friendly. And there are recycling bins near all trash cans, makes it very easy to do the right thing.

Off for the day.....

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