Monday, July 27, 2009

I went swimming.....

Decided to give a swim a try. My ribs hurt when I do most things and thought that as long as the pain is not worse lets see what happens. So putting on my suit was painful, all kinds of contortions required, or so it seemed any way. Hopped in and shocking it did not aggravate my ribs to swim, it actually felt good. I am jumping for joy, well bobbing as I am in the water, approach the wall and flip and OMG....screaming underwater as it felt like someone jammed a screwdriver into my rib cage. WOW, so swimming good, flipping very bad. I do a few more laps with very antiquated touch and go turns, in a a 25 yard pool, but am happy to be swimming. I get in a groove and habit takes over and I flip again, shooting pain, no more flips. After 700 yards I stop, don't want to be over zealous. Happy camper!!! Plan is Wed, swim in ocean, no flip turns and see about getting back my swimming arms.

Ran, hot, hot... at 7am. Amazing the heat we are having. Was a bit sluggish so kept it nice and easy. Dogs nearly passed out and protested at 30 minutes and decided to go home. I dropped them off and finished my run, came up and took a swim with Zen. Had a ride on the schedule and as the day progressed and I was very busy working, I put it off. Finally caught up, done with calls and my To Do for the day and headed out for a ride. Fatigue in the legs for sure so made it a nice spin....well until the boy had to ride by me on Carmel Valley Road. He did not blow by, was picking up the pace to pass me and then 100 yards later, slowed down. I tell myself just spin along and stick to the plan. We approach a hill and I notice he is getting bigger as I gain on him, nope not going to do it, nice easy spin. I am close to his wheel and cannot resist and have to ride by and drop the boy. At the top of the climb he is 200+ yards back and working hard. Lucky for me I turn right and am headed home. Funny, legs felt good when I needed them to. Rest of the ride was nice and easy. Came home, went swimming and desperately tried to cool down. Where is the June gloom......When is fall?? Okay, stop bitching and enjoy the summer.

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