Saturday, June 20, 2009

Race day -1

Oh boy.....tomorrow at this time I will not be at Starbucks enjoying a decaf latte on a comfy couch surfing the net. I will be 4.5 hours into the bike and looking forward (ha) to the run.

Nerves are up and down....they come in waves. KP asked if he could do anything to help today and I say, "Yeah, take away my nerves.." And you know what he did a pretty good job of it. We walked through the race plan and it seems so simple, stick to the plan and all will go well. Right, right..... The test comes when I get passed on the bike, stay settled and follow my plan! Next test is first 3 miles of the run, it is sooo hard to go slow, after going 20 mph for 5-6 hours, running is just so slow. But I am committed to starting slow, I have to remember what the last 6 miles feels like and how much I want something left at the end.

Weather is all over...who knows. Forecast now says rain late in the day which would be awesome. No rain on the bike is what we are hoping for. I can run in the rain, but riding in the rain can just be miserable. The swim was choppy this morning, due to the wind. Tomorrow will be windy, almost guaranteed, so that will slow the swim and bike times. Head winds slow everyone down. The wind also causes more of a current in the lake, bonus coming back but we have to fight it going out.

We are geared up for a monster pasta dinner around 4pm and then settling in....really want so sleep early. Getting up at 3am makes it hard to get a solid 8 hours, but the more the better. Slept really well last night- so that is a bonus, sleep in the bank so to speak.

Kids and hubby are all good....nice to know they are doing well.

And well.....I think that is all I have to say for now. Mind is circling, do I have everything, what is the weather going to be like, what did I forget, how fast is everyone else out there... and it goes on and on. with y'all post IM!

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  1. Hang tough Julie! You are prepared in any conditions. The other non-swimmer triathletes will freak out if it is choppy on the swim so enjoy it. I'll be watching from my computer. Wish I was there to do it also. Have fun and enjoy yourself.