Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off to bed...

Monster Pasta Dinner with Sourdough bread and Gatorade, drink of choice in this household. Nervous energy is about in the house, all a bit more subdued this evening. Everyone mixing their race concoctions in the kitchen- amazing to see 1500 calories in one water bottle. Such a waste, would rather sit down with plate of cookies than drink them all on the bike, but well, cookies and Ironman...only mix after the race.

Laid down and stood up with a ferocious headache...oh crap, panic, what is it, why now... KP did some work on my neck and back and within a short time most of it subsided. This is when every little thing seems major, oh no my head is stuffy, well duh I was laying face down in my pillow- okay not sick.

Trying to read a book and when I realized I had read the same page 3+ times. time to put the book down. Just not able to concentrate on much. This is when I need a total brainless book...too late now. Does not seem like a good idea to head out shopping.

Learned a new trick, sprayed my feet with an entire bottle of Nu Skin. Why you ask? Just to see what happens. No really, the reason is to help prevent blisters. 2 others swear by it, so we all have shiny and somewhat sticky feet. Very thick skinned. Will see how it works. May as well let the Nu Skin rub off before my skin. Few other tricks but those I am keeping a secret in case anyone in my age group is reading this :)

Good night.....Up at 3am to eat again,.

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  1. Congrats on your amazing performance! My wife Leah and I were watching the finish line video live waiting for TCSD people to cross.

    We hope that you're resting well!

    p.s. We are in your age group and would love to hear some of those secret tips one day.