Saturday, May 9, 2009

what a week and it is not over...

Big run week for me! 5 hours so far and a long run tomorrow. Plus 2 great swims and a few short rides as well as a long ride today 5.5 hours. Going to be a 17 hour week. Gotta love IM.

I have to say I am feeling pretty good despite my house being a mess, loads of laundry on the couch (nice place for that), dog hair all over and list goes on.

I purchased a new "therapeutic" tool....Trigger Point Quadballer. I personally would name it Torture Roller with wheels. Holy cow. This thing looks like a cushioned spherical pillow with scooter wheel on the end. if you are remotely curious. Seems simple enough....but when your IT Bands are sore it is like some kind of torture instrument they use in Guantanamo Bay. As I roll on this and am practically screaming the dogs come and lick my face, wildly confused and concerned and my kids stare at me and say "why are you doing that?" And then I have to answer, well so I can go out and train more.....crazy isn't it.

Was hoping to do an huge ride with E on Wed, GW Loop x2. KP put the kabosh on long mid week ride when we are doing run volume. Ok, right. So I come up with a great plan for my Saturay ride...he HIGHLY recommends no. First, hilly ride and reminds me of what happens with run volume and intense riding and Second: it is a group ride. Group ride, whats the problem right- well he reminds me I have no control in a group and end up hammering to be near the front. How many training rides have I blew away my power goals chasing someone, some group etc. So, I raise my hand and say "Hi my name is Julie and I cannot control my efforts when riding in group so I must ride alone" Although I was not alone today, KP offered to ride with me to be my "governor" We had a great ride 5.5 hours up to Camp Pendleton with controlled efforts. And oh am I glad we did that, my legs have lingering fatigue and I still have a long run tomorrow. Gee, wonder why he is the coach!

Never have been so hungry on a ride..... Sushi for dinner, not enought pre long ride. Woke up starving, starving by could not get in a lot of calories before the ride. So my mile 40 I was bonking pretty badly....realized it and ate a power bar and a bag of cliff shots. You know you are bonking when you cannot get the package open. Not fun, not fun. But the good thing is I was not too far gone and was able to recover. Had a Red Bull and within 10 miles was feeling good.

We are on the final strech home along the 56 bike path and come upon a roadie with a a beer cut crusing along. We pass him and he decides to attack, he comes hammering past us, passes (totally out of breath) and promptly slows down. We pass him and leave him, but come on, what it is about some guys. It is guy we pass has long hair flowing down his back, no shirt and is cruising along in his aero bars, give me the peace sign and says "rock on sister." As much as I dislike the bike path on weekends because of so much traffic, it can be quite fun. That is until we came up the couple in the dead centner of the path with their dog on a mile long zip leash. The dog darts in front of me and I slam on the breaks and swerve and then nearly takes out KP. The people yell at us, you could give us some notice you are coming. Hello, there are a 1000 bikes out on a Saturday.. AND there is a nice dirt path where most people walk. Ok, done ranting and I think done post ride fueling. Between the large iced coffee with choc syrup, 2 x oranges, monster bowl of brown rice and the last of the molasses cookies I think I am satiated.

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