Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I had a BDT (big day training) on Friday and that entails....2.4 mile swim, 5:30 bike and then a 45 minute run. Not quite an IM but pretty darn close, well less 21 miles of running. The goal is to simulate the race for fueling, pacing etc. So I was up at 4:00am to eat of course....big day eating as well. Got to the pool by 5:30 and was home by 7 and ready to ride. I rode with John to his office and bid him goodbye and headed to Romona, RB, Encinitas, Del Mar, Carmel Vally and eventually back home. So back to the title of this blog...I was astounded at the number of dead animals I was riding by. For the first few hours I was had them categorized, 4 rabbits, 2 squirrels etc but the numbers were so high I had to just count. All in all 37! Over 100 miles and 37 dead animals...squirrels were by far the most, rabbits, skunks, 2 snakes, raccoon, possum... See this is just one of the games one can play when out riding alone for hours.

The other game, not remotely related, is what can I eat when I am finished. I cycled through Pizza, Mexican food, Sugar Cookies but kept resonating on Pop Tarts. Mind you, I don't buy Pop Tarts and cannot think of the last time I had one, well actually I can, on my last long ride before IM Wisconsin I was bonking badly and all the electrolytes, gus etc were not working so I stopped and wolfed down 2 Chocolate Pop Tarts and that did the trick. So as I am finishing my ride, I realize I have to run and I don't have any Pop Tarts. I decided that if I really want to sink to the depths of eating Pop Tarts as recovery food, I will have to run to the store and buy them and carry them home and then when I am all done, I can gorge myself with all the delightful chemicals.

So I finish my ride. feeling great actually- ride was 5;45 and I was strong and ready to run. By this time it was blistering hot and the though of a Pop Tart was nauseating, so all that worrying for not. Off on the run I went dreaming of a smoothie. Great run, 5+ miles and feeling strong, not sure I was ready for another 21, but was good.

So I finished and filled the blender with berries, bananas, ice, soy milk and banana yogurt. Monster smoothie and jumped into an ice bath. Need to recover well as I have my long run on Saturday AM.

I finished as Riley was coming home from school....she says how was your day, what did you do? Shameful to say I was training all day. Managed to get 1:30 of work done, caught up and then off to JD's Lax game.

Saturday run was great- 15 miles and it was all good and well until the last 15 minutes...fatigue, tired and ready to be done. Contemplated coming home early but forced myself to finish and was happy I did so. Hooray now the weekend begins,

Off to Riley's LAX game for recovery... munching on my new favorite granola. Erin Bakers Ultra Protein Granola! love it, love it.

Saturday night was quite the party over here.....JD and his 4 buddies swam for hours, hootin and hollerin. Amazing how 5 HS Boys can make the pool seem so small. Meanwhile Braman is finishing up building his electric bike. He has retrofitted his Mtn Bike and finally has is rigged up. The gears work like motorcycle and he is riding and yelling and I am thinking, what 10-15 mpg, try again. This bike can go 37 mph! Holy Cow, it is totally fun. Soon the boys are ready for a go and in no time at all JD is riding and has rigged a dog leash and bungee cords and Tim is being towed and they are screaming up the hill and down around the cul-de-sac. Around 10pm it was time to call it a night- we all had fun and no one was hurt, time to turn it in.

Amazing I was still awake and having such a good time- Wonders of caffeine.

Sunday, a day of rest. KP said day off. I contemplated a swim but slept in, had a great breakfast of pancakes with the kids and decided to take the day and put my life back in order.

Oh and some of the best news.....My sis got a job in Golden, CO. CO School of the Mines. So, so happy for her and so excied they are moving to Boulder. Sweet!!! Altitude training here I come. Will be a great move for the family, coming from San Antonio and a great job for her. Well deserved and I am so elated for them.

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