Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One more week....

Till race day? No, until I start to back off.

Another big weekend. Saturday ride was nearly 6 hours and 100 miles. All over the freakin county, from our house to Del Dios, Harmony Grove, Elfin Forest, North to Camp Pendleton and all the way back south to Torrey and then a tour of Carmel Valley and home. John, KP and I headed out at a reasonable time, 8am.... which was nice to sleep in but by the time I got home, ate and cleaned up it was time to go to E's for dinner. John hung with us for 4 hours, KP bailed at 5 and I finished the last hour alone. Ride was good, felt strong and my legs had recovered well throughout the week. Very promising.

Awesome birthday dinner at E's for Jen! Nice to have someone slave over the most delightful halibut and all the fixins for fish tacos. Good company, a bit of wine and delicious food. Tim brought homemade bread, still warm and a homemade cake. Stuffed, stuffed and we dragged ourselves home to bed.

Up at 5:30 and off to meet Marion and friend at Peet's for my long run. Did some adventure running through the trails of Santa Luz and Carmel Valley but I kept my patience most of the way. Not knowing where I am going is a major peeve of mine and one that generally drives me nuts. John loves to adventure and explore when we are running or riding and I am so uptight I want to know the course, where are we going, how long, what is the terrain etc.... can you say control freak? Okay I said it for everyone reading that was thinking that.

Done and home by 9am - nice thing about starting early. As I ran up the drive, Riley was headed out on a run. By the time I washed the smelliest dogs in the hood, she was back, and we had a monster pancake breakfast. Well maybe I did, she had one big one and I had, well lets just say a lot of them.

Kids we off and gone by 11 and I was wiped out. Read and chilled and was sooo happy we had another day off to look forward to, because, that was when I would get all my weekend chores done and the big project of my accounting.

Got up to swim at the cove on Monday, walked the dogs and promptly went back to bed until after 9. Gee a bit tired maybe. Monday was not very productive, but was an enjoyable day. Hung out, swam with the kids and dogs, awesome Memorial Day dinner and in bed by 9. YES

This is a 20 hour training week and I took Monday off. Well, one day at a time - today was aerobic maintenance. Run 30 min, bike 1 hour and swim 1:15. But had a great, great swim- best time in 100M all season! And I did not feel like I was going that fast, even better. It was so good I did another one, instead of IM as coach wanted, and I went 1 second faster.

And I even manged to work today and made 2o prospecting calls!

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