Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IM Training...

You know you are in the peak of Ironman training when you have to seriously focus on your priorities...things are left undone and you suddenly don't care. Having 2 kids and a husband I really try not to neglect them, or I may lose my support in this crazy sport.

But the things I use to be so anal about and worried about have taken a back seat. Lets take the house for 1... I use to vacuum the dog hair daily, in not every other day. Now, well when it starts building up in corners and looks like a small rodent I decide to pull out the vacuum. 2- Laundry, daily was on top of it. Now. well you need clothes, you do the wash. 3- Plants. I actually told my husband on our first date that I was great with plants. While I cannot imagine I would say such a thing, I am sure he has no reason to lie. And to be honest, I do pretty well with plants. Well until now. I had to toss 2 plants in the last 2 weeks because they were beyond saving from sheer neglect. They literally shriveled up and died. The others are pleading for food and water and the dregs of my cycling bottles are just not doing it for them. 4- cooking. I use to plan dinner for the next few nights.... well now around 5:30 I survey the much empty fridge and start trying to figure out what I can created. We are using up some dried and canned goods that have been around for a while and no one is really complaining.

But face it, when I am training 16-20 hours a week- all I can really think about is my next meal and when I can go to sleep. The fact that I can consume a Venti latte (that has 4 shots of espresso) at 4pm and still sleep at night is telling.....


  1. hahaha absolute greatness!

  2. I am forever in awe of how working Moms can juggle all of this mayhem! You are certainly an inspiration!!